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Crepey under eyes

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mothtoaflame Sun 19-Apr-20 12:06:25

Hi ladies
My under eye area has deteriorated rapidly and the area directly below my eyes is so wrinkled. Not so much crows feet but directly below the irises. They are not laughter lines (nothings that funny) and when I use eye cream the area just looks puffy. They literally look like wrinkly foreskin eyes 🙈
Are tear trough fillers and Botox my only options and if so any London based recommendations please?

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lubeybooby Sun 19-Apr-20 12:09:48

Watching with interest as before lockdown I had my first lot of botox as a first port of call and that didn't do much really so was interested to see my aesthetics doctors further recommendations. She wanted to start with botox and then see how I felt. Obviously now I can't see her.

I'd asked about profhilo, thread lifts etc but she said lets do botox first then talk about other things later

mothtoaflame Sun 19-Apr-20 21:28:33

I had a consultation for restalyne filler but was a bit nervous about going ahead. Spending so much time at home has meant I'm looking at my face more critically and I'm not happy.

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KnobwithaK Sun 19-Apr-20 23:16:33

It's expensive, but I really like this stuff. Doesn't make my eyes puffy but did make a noticeable difference to wrinkles (unfortunately I ran out and they're back hmm)

KnobwithaK Sun 19-Apr-20 23:16:58

A link would probably be useful

mothtoaflame Mon 20-Apr-20 18:01:17

Thanks, will take a look online at these recommendations.

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FreakStar Mon 20-Apr-20 18:13:38

This happened to me- turns out my eye cream was actually irritating the eye-area and drying it out making it look wrinkly and dehydrated. It contained retinol and fit c and was just too strong for me. I stopped using it and just started using a drop of oil in that area instead and it has improved loads!

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