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New beauty routine for lockdown?

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OhCobblers Sat 18-Apr-20 22:46:39

I have the following but really no clue as to when to use or how frequently. Could anyone suggest a routine?

Generally use this lot in the morning (not all of it every day):-

Superdrug radiant glycolix tonic
Hyaluronic serum,
super facialist Vit C serum and moisturiser.
La Roche Posay effaclar
Prescribed Benzyl peroxide acnecide (no idea how often to use?!)

I use these at night :
Pixie double cleanser
Murad freebie night cream

Would love to establish a good routine so I can start seeing a real difference?! Thanks

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lalalalaleila Sun 19-Apr-20 07:56:35

I don’t know about a new routine for lockdown but I’ve sworn by the Dr Sam’s range since I first discovered it about a year ago. Simple cleanser, moisturiser, night serum and sunscreen. Takes all the thought out of my skincare routine. My teen DS and DD also use it and it’s been perfect for their skin too (not the serum).

It must be good as all of the facial cosmetic contents of my Liberty advent calendar are still untouched - I used to be a new product junkie (my skin appears to be very grateful that I’m over it)!

Might not be the right thing for you but worth a look at her website. Dr Sam Bunting.

I’m promoting/ linked to her at all just slightly evangelical as I feel as though I’ve found my holy grail skincare routine and very happy to share!

lalalalaleila Sun 19-Apr-20 07:57:00

NOT promoting!

OhCobblers Sun 19-Apr-20 15:05:20

@lalalalaleila thank you I'll certainly take a look but in the meantime I need to work through what I already have.
Alot of this was bought due to MN recommendations so hoping that someone has a good routine I can adopt!

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OhCobblers Mon 20-Apr-20 21:25:15


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Redfox Tue 21-Apr-20 11:25:25

Yes I have been keeping things simple and just using what I have got.
However, I too am tempted by the Dr Sam’s range and it is at the high end of affordable. And I would rather spend my dosh on a qualified dermatologist range than mixing up things that I have been doing. I do like an acid though

Lippy1234 Tue 21-Apr-20 19:27:13

I’m not trying anything new as I have very sensitive skin.
. Nivea face wash, eye cream and moisturiser (Q10)
Evening , Nivea night cream.
A nice long bath every morning and wash my long hair every other day.
I dye my eyebrows every week and have been continuing that.
Weekly file and polish of finger and toe nail.
Weekly spa morning using stuff I have at home such as body scrub and face masks.
4 weekly root colour which I normally get done at a salon.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 22-Apr-20 05:56:40

Acnecides for night isn’t it?. Also if you’ve got acne prone skin do you need moisturisers?. Last thing my skins ever needed is more moisture.

Ladyglitterfairydust Wed 22-Apr-20 07:05:48

My skin has massively improved since I’ve been following Caroline Hirons. Not everyone on mn likes her, but I really do. She’s got lots of lives saved on her instagram and has you tube videos too, but the biggest range of information can be found on her blog. Have a look at some of her cheat sheets on routines and acne etc.

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