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Anyone with pale skin tried Veil from Beauty and the Boutique

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Iadoremylabrador Sat 18-Apr-20 22:27:37

I've seen a few Beauty and the Boutique videos pop up on my Facebook lately. Normally I'll watch for a few seconds and be bored but the lady doing the videos is very good at making me watch till the end.

I'm thinking of trying some of the products. Especially the Veil. Has anyone with pale skin tried it? I usually use double wear in shade 1N0 Porcelain. But I find it a bit cakey and I'm not sure my skin needs such a thick foundation.

I'm also thinking of trying the new estee Lauder foundation.

Not sure what to choose! I really don't want to be sucked in by a Facebook ad especially as there is only 3 (I think) shades!

Anyone tried the Veil?

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Thinkle Sun 19-Apr-20 07:55:12

I have and I’m very pale. I don’t wear Estée Lauder but I was once colour matched and had a sample... fairly certain it was Cool Bone (is that a colour? The name screamed PALE). In Mac I’m Nw10 if that helps.
I have tried the two lightest shades in veil and I get on better with the lightest but the other was fine. I really like it and am using it a lot at the moment as I’m not wearing foundation. I just use a tinted spf, veil (under eyes, around nose and chin), hourglass dim light all over, blush and mascara.
I do wear foundation out of lockdown and I did what you are doing, moving away from heavier foundation as I get a touch older. I moved from Mac prolongwear to Mac face and body. It really helped!

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