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Help me with my hair please ladies

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TallulahMazda Fri 17-Apr-20 19:54:04

Before I get the shears out!!
Salon dyed hair reddish/burgundy. Totally white now underneath but hair in good nick. Hairdresser strongly advised no box dyes as unlikely to colour match as colour hand mixed in salon...
I now have 1-2 inches of white root.... I look hideous a return to work is imminent and I've no clue what's best? Dye darker? Try and colour match? Sprays etc don't come close colour wise.
Baseball cap??

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Cmagic7 Fri 17-Apr-20 20:00:32

I would say (although I'm not a hairdresser) go for a box dye of a darker colour and then when the salons re-open you can just get them to correct it. Could be time for a new look, you never know!

TallulahMazda Fri 17-Apr-20 20:02:45

Would darker colour the red thoroughly? I did think this may be an option but a bit concerned as to how it could be put right if I ended up making a mess of it!

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GoodMorningEveryone Fri 17-Apr-20 21:30:14

Embrace the grey/white? <ducks>

Though if you look on some of the Going Grey Gracefully sites/FB pages it can look amazing

TallulahMazda Fri 17-Apr-20 22:41:01

Erm..... no smile

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XenakisCarter Fri 17-Apr-20 22:46:13

I’d get a box dye that’s one shade darker than your salon dye And then just do the 1-2 inches root growth. ie don’t go right to the ends.

Dyed hair sucks up colour so your already-coloured hair would end up darker than the regrowth.

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