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Lush Angels on Bare Faces

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MrsPeacockDidIt Fri 17-Apr-20 12:12:17

Hi All

I usually use Lush Angels on Bare faces as it really suits my skin. I ran out last week and can't replace it so I bought what was available in my shop which was a neutrogena product and I normally get on ok with them but my face has broken out in loads of large sore spots and just feels awful. I obviously can't try loads of different things at the moment so wondered if anyone had a recommendation for a sub for the lush product that I would be able to get online. I do have sensitive skin in general and stick to lush products normally.

Please help !

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 17-Apr-20 12:27:37

My DD has a quite sensitive skin , can get teenage flares up but can be dry .

She likes Body Shop masks ( you can use as a scrub then leave to dry ) the Himalayan one smells gorgeous and there's an Almond/Milk one which I bought her for winter .

And she loves Sukin - she likes the Rose range very calming . Boots and H&B.

I love Lush and the smell of the shop <weirdo grin > but not the crowds or the over zealous sales staff.
I am 53 . I'm not here to shop lift . If I want your help , I'll ask <rant over>

MrsPeacockDidIt Fri 17-Apr-20 12:33:48

Thank you I'll look at those.

I actually have no sense of smell so have never experienced how bad it is in there. lol

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norbert23 Fri 17-Apr-20 12:34:38

I have super sensitive skin and get on well with Emma hardie, anything natural and definitely weleda products too.

I also googled to check ingredients and found this home made recipe

CharDeeMacDennis Fri 17-Apr-20 12:39:46

Used to use AOBS, now get something v similar by PureChimp. Can't remember name, but it's available from LoveLula or Amazon. works in the same way, you take a bit and make a paste from warm water before applying to skin.

Prefer it to AObS tbh

MrsPeacockDidIt Fri 17-Apr-20 13:11:47

thanks everyone. The purechimp one looks good so I've ordered some of that to try.

At least no-one is really seeing my face at the moment. I'll keep the lights low for my zoom meetings !

I'm going to have a go at the homemade one too, just need to source the ingredients.

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NannyAlice Mon 20-Apr-20 12:19:47

We swear by anything from Balmonds! Discovered it last year for DS eczema and never looked back. We use Skin Salvation. Amazing stuff! Good luck :-)

MistressWeatherwax1 Mon 20-Apr-20 15:00:55

Can you not order it from Lush? The website is up and running again, not sure f they have everything in stock but if Angels doesn't work try their Fresh Farmacy bar.

EmpressJewel Mon 20-Apr-20 23:29:13

I used to make the it myself using that recipe that was posted., the good thing is that the ingredients last ages.

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