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The Ordinary - baffled by what to pick

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plugitinsilly Thu 16-Apr-20 19:08:19

I’d love to try but I’m a bit confused about what to go for and what combo to pick. Is it baffling or just me?

I’m 40 with skin like orange peel, bit dry and looking lifeless.

Would love to have smooth glowy skin. Maybe it’s too late but happy to see if The Ordinary can help...

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Anotheruser02 Thu 16-Apr-20 19:12:18

I love the buffet serum, I feel like my skin is lovely and dewy when I use it. My skin is naturally quite oily though, so listen to someone else with your skin type over me!

plugitinsilly Thu 16-Apr-20 19:19:29

Oily is ok. Mine is too - that magical combo of being greasy and dry at the same time!

Do you use it on its own? It seems there’s mixtures or a certain order to do things in...

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BillieEilish Thu 16-Apr-20 19:30:45

Started using it at 47 and people actually asked me what I was using as I was glowing!

It will save your life

I recommend

Vit C 23% every other night before bed
Buffet every day
I also love the squalene serum for really hungover dry skin.

I can be spotty/dry/flaky/tired skin one day, cured the next if I apply these things properly.

You could get all that for 25 pounds! You will never look back.
Estee Lauder eat your heart out!

CardinalCat Thu 16-Apr-20 20:40:47

My favourite product of theirs is the alpha lipoic acid- it's like an overnight facelift. I also like buffet with copper.

BillieEilish Thu 16-Apr-20 20:45:01

I'll look that up Cardinal I'd like an overnight facelift!

Buffet with copper a bit pricey atm, does it turn you green?

peachypetite Thu 16-Apr-20 20:54:10

They have combos on their website. It’s important you use correct combinations.

ParadiseLaundry Thu 16-Apr-20 21:26:17

Sorry to chuck some more into the mix but it sounds like you would really benefit from the niacinamide and retinol.

If I were you I'd use Vit c in the morning and niacinamide (then moisturiser) and retinol on a night.

Bluebooby Thu 16-Apr-20 21:29:15

I've got the ordinary retinol 1% in squalane. And I've had a vitamin c serum from them before but usually get a different one from savers for about £1.99 - it's probably not as good but so cheap. I think my skin has improved since I've been using the retinol though. I want to try the buffet, have heard very good things about it.

Bluebooby Thu 16-Apr-20 21:31:29

Oh and I have the alpha lipoic acid that cardinal mentioned but have found it a bit too strong for me. Leaves my skin feeling a bit burny.

OxanaVorontsova Thu 16-Apr-20 21:33:51

Their niacinamide is really good, makes a visible difference quickly (I'm 49).

nicelyneurotic Thu 16-Apr-20 21:47:12

I like the retinol. Dont really understand what the niacinimide does. It makes zero difference for me. I'm oily/combination.

lindyloo57 Fri 17-Apr-20 09:10:18

I love the Vit c I use that every morning and at night I use retirides it what retinol in spain is called, this I get it from a chemist in Spain, if I can get there this year, I swear that's how my brown/ age spot disappeared from my cheek. I had it for a least four years, I can't think why else it would of gone, it was three years ago when I decided to up my skincare, when the ordinary started, at first I did use TO retinol, but decided to go for the retirides from spain, it's the same as you would get on prescription at around £90 its only 15 euros. It did take a good 7 months to work.

PerditaDreamsofFairHorses Fri 17-Apr-20 13:19:50

I have been thinking of posting a similar thread, but I have dry skin. I feel like I have aged a lot over the last couple of years and need to wear something other than sunscreen, but realistically I won't keep up anything that isn't cheap or that involves more than two products. I just don't where to start. Maybe I'll try the Buffet, even though we don't have the same type of skin (dry), OP!

Anotheruser02 Fri 17-Apr-20 15:54:13

I've just ordered the 23% Vit C after reading this thread, it's under a fiver and has great reviews. I think I'll start with once a week. Thanks Billie.

plugitinsilly Fri 17-Apr-20 17:17:33

Well @PerditaDreamsofFairHorses I always thought my skin was oily/combo, but the last two facials I had they said “ooh isn’t your skin dry” hmm

So god knows. I know less and less about life as I get older it seems confused

I’m going to investigate all these and get some ordered.

Really silly question but I assume I put them on after I’ve washed/cleanser my face? What about moisturizer? Where does that fit into the equation?

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Vargas Fri 17-Apr-20 17:28:45

I kind of follow the 'general signs of age' regimen, but sometimes I can't be bothered. If you email them they will let you know what to try.

Yes, use the products after you have washed your face. I don't use moisturiser at night after the retinoid. But I do use moisturiser in the morning as it has SPF and their foundation doesn't (or it's low, I can't remember).

The product that makes the biggest difference for me is the Peeling Solution, I try to remember to use it twice a week. It is amazing.

Vargas Fri 17-Apr-20 17:30:05

Oh and I'm late 40s with combi skin, and the products have definitely improved the texture and dullness of my skin. Plus I love the foundation!

Aquamarine1029 Fri 17-Apr-20 17:35:03

You can email The Ordinary, tell them about your skin, and they will recommend products for you.

tommyspud Fri 17-Apr-20 19:35:58

I’ve always bought the retinol from the ordinary (the 2% squalene one) but they were out of stock this time so I bought the 5%, does anyone know if it’s better to just use this a couple of times a week instead of every night as I had been doing previously as it’s stronger?

Dlpdep Fri 17-Apr-20 19:42:09

I bought the ‘essentials’ kit, I think it was. Buffet, retinol and moisturiser. Same age same skin. That was about 3 weeks ago. I have since added niacinamide and caffeine for puffy eyes as well and liked the moisturiser so much that I got a big tube of it. Definite difference in my skin.

StormBaby Fri 17-Apr-20 19:47:35

I think I've pretty much bought all of it! It all does different things really. Like a previous poster said, the Alpha lipoic acid is like having a road resurfacing team in overnight. It's amazing. I use retinol some days, buffet others. Marine hylauronics seems to dry up any spot break outs. I love the Subq eyes and use it every day, it's changed my eye bags massively. As has the caffeine in the AM.

EmpressJewel Fri 17-Apr-20 20:01:42

I completed their online form and attached a couple of pictures and they recommended:

Hyalauronic acid
Natural factors moisturiser

Hyalauronic acid
Azaelic acid
Plant based squalane

I found that this was too much for skin, so I swapped the niacinamide for the hyalamide pore control, plus I don't use everything everyday.

Pantouffle Fri 17-Apr-20 21:24:25


I love The Ordinary and use many of their products but have never tried the Alpha Lipoic Acid that you mention and on your recommendations thought I'd give it a try ....Unfortunately it looks like it's been discontinued 😱

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you didn't know.

I wonder what the closest alternative would be? I'm frequently bamboozled by all the different options.

My favourite product is the Granactive 2% Emulsion, which I think is amazingly restorative for the skin's elasticity, but that's currently out of stock everywhere.

StormBaby Fri 17-Apr-20 22:26:07

@Pantouffle hopefully it's just out of stock 😢 I had the same with the SubqEyes recently, had to go on a waiting list.

I use the Granactive too, it makes my skin really radiant

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