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Best tinted moisturisers?

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canyouseethesea Thu 16-Apr-20 07:49:04

Hi everyone

I'm 27 and usually wear Estee Lauders Double Wear, however, being in lockdown and not wearing make up has made me realise I don't need a full coverage like that and my skin is still youthful.

If anybody has any recommendations for tinted moisturisers or similar that give a glowy healthy look and just evens out skin tone please leave a comment.

My skin is combination but can get oily in my T-Zone.

Thank you x

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Coffeepot72 Thu 16-Apr-20 07:52:17

Boots City Light tinted moisturiser - just a hint of colour, lasts all day, love it!

GemmeFatale Thu 16-Apr-20 19:09:43

I’m fairly impressed with the ordinary serum fountain. It’s definitely foundation not tinted moisturiser but significantly lighter than DW.

Puppylucky Thu 16-Apr-20 19:13:58

Estee lauder day wear adapts to your skin tone and has a lovely glow to it. I've worn it for years

0hbloodyhell Thu 16-Apr-20 23:29:44

Not technically a tinted moisturiser but I love Chanel Vitalumière Aqua, I just use a little concealer where extra coverage is needed.

ChloeDecker Fri 17-Apr-20 09:58:29

Heliocare 360 Fluid Cream is my go to. The SPF 50 is an added bonus too!

CremeDeSudo Fri 17-Apr-20 10:39:49

Clinique Anti Blemish BB cream. It's brilliant stuff, especially if you have oily skin. It's light and a bottle lasts ages. SPF 45.

Not enough for days when I need spot coverage, but perfect when you just need a bit of balancing!

lindyloo57 Fri 17-Apr-20 17:05:59

No7 tinted sun cream is good spf 50 or spf 30 I just put a little powder over the top, to take down the shine.

BunnytheHoneyBee Fri 17-Apr-20 17:08:03

Laura Mercier one is good

Body shop do some that are ok

I’ve got a Tarte one and I like that

But generally prefer mineral make up for a hit of something

violetbunny Fri 17-Apr-20 17:12:24

I have combination/oily skin and I really rate the Chanel one. I have a lot of tinted moisturisers and this one lasts longest on my skin by far and has a beautiful natural look.

dietcoker Fri 17-Apr-20 17:15:07

MUA here......what's your budget op?

canyouseethesea Fri 17-Apr-20 19:37:42

Thank you so much everyone! Will look into the ones suggested x

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canyouseethesea Fri 17-Apr-20 19:39:23

@dietcoker ahhh thank you! I don't mind spending up to £30 as long as it lasts a couple of months

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bettybea Fri 17-Apr-20 19:44:45

The Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser is lovely. Is what am using lately. I use a little Lily Lolo finishing powder over the top (mineral/ I use the flawless silk one but they also do a matte)

I also tried the bar minerals complexion rescue which felt fab but unfortunately doesn't go pale enough for my skin tone. Texture and longevity was good though.

dietcoker Sat 18-Apr-20 07:52:02

Probably nars or laura mercier tinted moisturiser have a slightly "dewier" appearance and you can build up if you want more coverage.......
Bare minerals complexion rescue is also great.......I sometimes mix mine with a touch of highlighter
Budget wise, L'Oréal or garnier's BB creams are good also. Again you can add highlighter to these if you want
Ps those with spf sadly don't appear as dewy on the skin, so can't have both annoyingly!

SorrelForbes Sat 18-Apr-20 07:55:56

IT Cosmetics - Your Skin But Better or Tropic- boost foundation. Both very very light and BB cream/tinted moisturiser esque

zippyswife Sat 18-Apr-20 07:58:50

@ChloeDecker what are the shades like for heliocare? I’m fair skinned not sure which to try.

Ronia Sat 18-Apr-20 08:02:18

Laura Mercier is very good.

OpticVA Sat 18-Apr-20 08:04:18

I use No7 City Light and it’s fab! A little goes a long way so it lasts ages and it’s only £13!

Ronia Sat 18-Apr-20 09:27:58

Forgot to say I recently switched to Bobbi Brown one it's really light and lovely

Lua Sat 18-Apr-20 09:30:16

Another vote for Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser. and I am quite older than you......and still does a decent job smile

TheRealCaroleBaskin Sat 18-Apr-20 09:35:35

Heliocare 360......comes in three different shades and it's SPF50 as well. Think it's about £35?

BeeBella Sat 18-Apr-20 12:52:11

I've just received Erborian BB cream from their website and it's great for my oily skin. I look like I've got 'something' on but it just feels like moisturiser! Definitely recommend. You can get trial size versions (15ml) to try out and free delivery.

rabbitsnose Sat 18-Apr-20 13:00:57

MAC face and body is the best, hands down. 120mls for the same price as most 30ml foundations too

canyouseethesea Sat 18-Apr-20 18:28:07

Wow so many to look at! I'm liking the look or Laura Mercier to be honest, also might invest in her brightening powder. Mac foundations/creams bring me out in a rash for some reason! Although I love their lipsticks.

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