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Oasis, warehouse Cath Kidston and Debenhams all gone into administration

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Lardlizard Wed 15-Apr-20 08:25:23

😰 all we will end up with is next

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ReginaGeorgeous Wed 15-Apr-20 08:36:08

Awful isn’t it. Praying Topshop survive.

PoignantPeas Wed 15-Apr-20 08:41:23

Here’s hoping they can be saved, somehow. Especially Oasis, Warehouse and Debenhams they’re the only reasonably priced and fashionable high streets left.

MrsBricked Wed 15-Apr-20 08:44:10

Debenhams needed sorting out years ago such s shame for the staff. I think Oasis/warehouse can survive probably online only- they already are available through next directory maybe they’ll expand their range on there?

Gwynfluff Wed 15-Apr-20 08:48:32

H&M brands (loads of them - COS, Arket, &other stories, Monki and weekday) and Indetix’s Zara are actually the High Street brands that have come to dominate in the last 10 years but they have been more conservative in terms of buying shops and concessions.

Warehouse, Oasis nearly went in the last credit crunch and Debenhams and Arcadia brands have been wobbling seriously for 5 years.

Primark does well and Next are managing though opened too many big out of town stores.

PoignantPeas Wed 15-Apr-20 09:13:59

I don’t know how Next hasn’t folded up after all this time.

SinisterBumFacedCat Wed 15-Apr-20 09:23:47

Tbh I thought Oasis and Warehouse had already folded, especially Warehouse haven’t seen a shop of theirs for years. Debenhams is sad, I really loved Mantaray. I’ve never found anything in Zara that doesn’t look like it’s been grabbed from a warehouse reject bin and not even ironed. I hope we have more than Next and M&S to shop in, those shops don’t even acknowledge the existence of pear shapes, the trousers have gaping waist and pencil thin legs. Worst of all though for all the staff, the majority of whom will be women.

MrsBricked Wed 15-Apr-20 09:38:52

Next makes its money online - the amount of brands/labels on there now is insane. I rarely order next stuff but order plenty of warehouse/french connection etc next day delivery and less faff with returns is a bonus.

WickedlyPetite Wed 15-Apr-20 09:40:54

I haven't seen a Warehouse store in ages, I didn't know they still existed tbh.

Gatehouse77 Wed 15-Apr-20 09:47:40

My understanding is that Debenhams have done it to protect their workforce by putting creditors at the bottom of the priority. I’m not saying I’m right!
Don’t know about the others.

Tonemeth Wed 15-Apr-20 09:57:13

Coast are next - half price sale on everything? It's like a liquidation sale.

ShesGotBetteDavisEyes Wed 15-Apr-20 09:57:32

Tbh next is the only one i shop in anyway. I won’t personally miss the others but it is sad of course.

MrsFionaCharming Wed 15-Apr-20 10:48:12

Are Debenhams still trading? I thought this was about to happen, so placed a big order over the weekend, hoping I’d just make it in time. Do you think it will still come?

Lardlizard Wed 15-Apr-20 11:03:15

I ActuallyLikeOasis for cheaper items with a bit of colour/pattern

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cathcustardtart Wed 15-Apr-20 11:07:10

LK Bennet, especially as they seem to rely on occasion or smart workwear.

DisgruntledGuineaPig Wed 15-Apr-20 13:37:56

I'm sad about Oasis, their clothes do seem to work well for me, cheaper than a lot of places I shop, but tend to feel more comfortable buying more fashionable stuff that might well date quickly because of that. (And some of their summer dresses have come out for several summers).

I expected to do a big order with them once lockdown is over, at this rate I'm on track for an extra dress size by the time we emerge, and don't want to spend a fortune on workwear as I'm definately going to shift it again by the end of the summer... grin

DisgruntledGuineaPig Wed 15-Apr-20 13:39:55

re who's next - Phase 8 sent me a "50% off things to wear now!" message, not really a good sign they are putting a discount on the lines they think will be a priority for people to buy now, not say, suits or wintery clothes.

Verily1 Wed 15-Apr-20 13:49:41

I’ve never found anything I’ve liked in oasis anyway.

I don’t think clothes shop will exist at all except online in the next decade or so.

Devlesko Wed 15-Apr-20 13:49:53

It's their pricing too, for not much better quality.
They are very expensive for high street.
New Look, H&M and Primark were about the best.
River Island will be next, and Top Shop, they were always empty when I walked past.

EatingIsMyHobby Wed 15-Apr-20 13:52:01

Warehouse had its hey-day back in the 90s; I loved their wool mix black boot flare trousers and stretch brightly coloured blouses with popper fastenings!

I do think they've lost their way in the last decade or so; they don't seem to have a particular market anymore, and everything is made out of polyester.

Thighmageddon Wed 15-Apr-20 13:55:52

Debenhams definitely but I suspect the others too (Oasis and RI) have done it as a light touch administration, to keep the creditors at bay that want immediate payments.

It's to protect the company's And staff so then can begin trading again as soon as the government give the say so.

Thighmageddon Wed 15-Apr-20 13:56:35

Warehouse not River Island.

Gwynfluff Wed 15-Apr-20 14:10:34

LK Bennett significantly restructured already last year. Coast was bought out by Boo Hoo and was already online only.

Topshop has been in trouble for years

This is really a final nail for lots of struggling brands that were still associated with physical shops. Most of them have been limping for 10 years at least. Many of the department stores are not going to survive. Watching M&S closely at the moment. I think they are in shock and don’t know what to do as they have not offered any widespread promotions in the last month at all - despite usually having several on the go.

Zara and H&M brands have been mid range success stories in that time. Though even they are having to discount (Zara tens to hide their discounts as Special Price - rather than sending out promotional offers).

Genuine high st success has been primark though

BubblesBuddy Wed 15-Apr-20 16:53:52

The middle and top price high street stores are suffering. Zara in particular is a powerhouse and spot on design. The H&M offshoots are less prolific in high streets like a Massimo Dutti from Zara. Top Shop is in trouble - Arcadia. LK Bennett have already been bailed out; ditto Jaeger. This list will grow and River Island could well feel the pinch too. The high street, as we know it, needs to shrink. It needs to be housing instead!

Cheap fashion probably will survive but, for the sake of the planet, it shouldn’t. For the sake of emerging and third world economies it shouldn’t.

lindyloo57 Wed 15-Apr-20 16:56:44

I don't understand how people love primark, when I have brought anything from there, to be honest it's not that often, it never washes well and doesn't last, yet I love shopping in HandM so it's not that I shop high end.

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