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Like ASOS but Older

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MrsDoylesTeaBags Tue 14-Apr-20 15:56:08

I've lost a bit of weight since last year and need new clothes going into the new season but I normally go and buy in clothes shops which I obviously can't do now. Had a quick look on ASOS which has the kind of clothes I like, but a bit too young looking for me.

I'm at home now so am after casual, comfortable maybe loungewear but also what can be worn outside. I'm in my forties, size 10 / 12 and about 5"3', short legs and fairly straight up and down. Oh and in current circumstances fairly reasonable price wise.

Any body have any ideas?

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PurpleFrames Tue 14-Apr-20 16:08:06

I think the asos own brand range is totally suitable for you!

I often think Dorothy Perkins is quite like a high street asos at times

NoLongerAnEasyTarget Tue 14-Apr-20 16:13:06

I live in leggings and tshirts so Asos, Uniqlo, New Look, Ann's Cottage.

MrsDoylesTeaBags Tue 14-Apr-20 16:36:02

Thanks for your replies, I've been in a bit of a rutt and not very confident clothes wise. I'll go and have a look.

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Treacletoots Tue 14-Apr-20 16:40:53

Second a few others. New look, H&M, Zara, Mango, ASOS, Oasiss and Dorothy Perkins are my go tos. I'm early 40s and think the ASOS own brand is spot on (could be deluding myself..)

NotGenerationAlpha Tue 14-Apr-20 16:41:14

I'm mid 40s and I am quite boring with clothes. Definitely not one of those 40s fashion bloggers. That said, I like H&M and Uniqlo for comfy home clothes. I got some basic tees and leggings and joggers. Normally, I buy from H&M, Joules and White Stuff. Then adding stuff from Fat Face and Topshop. They tend to be on the cheaper end then some of the brands I see lots of people wear here.

SamSeabornforPresident Tue 14-Apr-20 16:43:23

I'd have said Oasis and Warehouse but just read they're going into administration. ☹️ Not sure where I'll get my clothes now.

TheStarryNight Tue 14-Apr-20 18:50:35


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