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Art Deco style jewellery for an 18th?

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EachandEveryone Mon 13-Apr-20 11:43:49

For my DN who is feeling abit meh about the whole thing with us being in lockdown. She starts art uni this year and I want to get her something abit different. She doesn’t say much but really loved the Art Deco necklaces in Liberty. I haven’t got that kind of money but has anyone got any ideas £150 is my limit. Thanks.

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notasgreenasiamcabbagelooking Mon 13-Apr-20 14:00:44

Rachel Jackson London are supposed to be art deco in style so you might find something there. John Lewis stock them too.

LellyMcKelly Mon 13-Apr-20 14:22:55

Etsy have some lovely Art Deco jewellery for all budgets.

LellyMcKelly Mon 13-Apr-20 14:23:26

Sorry - link here:

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