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Which is the best nail strengthener?

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peaceanddove Sun 12-Apr-20 21:15:53

I've been a fan of Nailtiques 2 for years but you just can't seem to source it anymore. Can anyone please recommend something similar? x

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DartmoorChef Sun 12-Apr-20 21:22:51

My mum used to swear that eating a cube of jelly a day worked and to be fair her nails were amazing.

Auldspinster Sun 12-Apr-20 21:24:12

I like Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

Spaceprincess Tue 14-Apr-20 18:12:21

OPI Nail Envy is amazing

Darklane Tue 14-Apr-20 20:34:11

I’m missing Nailtiques too, down to the last dregs of my last bottle. Saw some on Amazon this week for £100+ a bottle! I heard that their factory had burned down, don’t know how true.
I’ve bought some Sally Hansen Maximum Growth to try. Nail Envy doesn’t work for me.

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