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Home gym?

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browzingss Sun 12-Apr-20 18:27:11


Has anyone purchased anything to continue their workouts at home during lockdown? What did you buy?

I’m thinking of getting a dumbbell set and a kettlebell to try to weight lift as I don’t have that much room at home.

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wowfudge Sun 12-Apr-20 18:32:09

Good luck - everywhere's out of stock at the moment. However, a good bodyweight workout requires no equipment and will do you good anyway. Add going for a walk/run/cycle and you'll be fine.

HedgeHogFoxBadger Sun 12-Apr-20 18:39:59

I have made a home gym in my conservatory. I use Les mills on demand. I have a bar and weights and some dumbells and I also have resistance bands which I got on amazon. They dont take up any space and are very versatile. Maybe look into them and find You tube videos to do.

typicallyatypical Sun 12-Apr-20 18:47:41

Hahahaha - if you can find anywhere selling any kind of home gym equipment do share.

Once you can though, I'd go for a variety of resistance bands and a TRX (or any non branded version) as a priority, as once this is over they are great for travelling, and also fit in a cupboard. Then a dumbbell pair with mixed plates so you can vary the weight options. Then maybe a pair of kettlebells.

In the meantime, as a PP said, bodyweight exercises can be just as effective and there are so much free stuff available, free trials etc you should find something to suit.

1moreRep Sun 12-Apr-20 19:08:10

put some books in 2 bag for life's, you have weights!
a chair is great for pull ups and step ups
give your kid a piggy back for squats

there's so much body weight stuff you can. do

argos is your best bet for ordering kit at the moment

wowfudge Sun 12-Apr-20 22:05:32

Argos claims to have stuff in stock, but none of about 20 stores I could get to have them in stock, you can't click and collect and they're not available for delivery.

claire697 Sun 12-Apr-20 22:13:48

I've signed up for a free trial of the peloton app. Lots of cardio, yoga, strengthening classes to try. I think the trial is 90 days

Aquicknamechange2019 Sun 12-Apr-20 22:14:17

Sweat app is good

LaLaLanded Mon 13-Apr-20 09:51:02

Barrecore and Heartcore are great for live workouts on Zoom - all you need is a mat (sports direct delivered me one last week, next-day delivery so they still seem to have stuff? I know they’re evil but I couldn’t find anywhere else!), some cans as weights, a chair and a ball or rolled up cloth.


Surly Mon 13-Apr-20 10:49:46

I already had weights and an exercise bike luckily but I miss all the machines at the gym and so I've bought a TRX from Amazon albeit about £30 more expensive than it usually is. Its definitely a worthwhile investment as you can mirror a lot of moves youd do in the gym and it's great for travelling

Surly Mon 13-Apr-20 10:51:10

@wowfudge true! I tried to buy a TRX from there but they xant deliver anywhere nor could I pick it up hmm. I tried the postcodes of several family members across the UK and they couldnt deliver to any one of them stupidly

Bluntness100 Mon 13-Apr-20 10:53:56

York weights are great, go with a number of plates so you can build the weights, you need to lift heavy. Amazon has them in stock.

typicallyatypical Mon 13-Apr-20 12:00:51

Amazon has them in stock not unless you want to pay around £400 for what would normally cost about £50! Not that I can see anyway, do you have a link @Bluntness100 ?

Handbag101 Mon 13-Apr-20 12:33:25

I bought on amazon before the prices went crazy. I managed to get two slam balls -9kg and 5kg - and some 4kg and 5kg dumbbells and a weighted bar all for about £50. My gym has frozen my membership so it kind of equalled out. Prices are ridiculous though now. I agree with the previous poster about Argos though. I'm after a barbell as well.

GhettoFabulous Mon 13-Apr-20 12:41:27

@LaLaLanded Do you know how much the barrecore online classes cost? There's no pricing info without creating an account.

midgebabe Mon 13-Apr-20 12:45:50

A TRX can be made with a skipping rope, car tow rope or even a coat and a tree or bannister

wowfudge Mon 13-Apr-20 14:50:31

I'm after a pair of 5kg dumbbells as the weights I have already are impossible to change quickly enough and I do interval weight training. I cannot buy any at a reasonable price for love nor money.

midgebabe Mon 13-Apr-20 14:59:30

Don't suppose you have some old pillowcases or the sort of backpacking stuff sack ? Fill with garden pebbles or boxes of nails ..whatever dense material you can find? Seal tightly and swing away

LaLaLanded Mon 13-Apr-20 15:32:48

@GhettoFabulous the first class is free and then you can buy classes for £6, or sign up to a rolling weekly option where you can do as many as much as you like for £15 a week.

The Heartcore classes are £5 in comparison but don’t have a weekly option so depending on how many you do...

I think the quality of the classes on each is much of a muchness tbh, both good.

wowfudge Mon 13-Apr-20 15:49:37

Worth looking at what local independent gyms are offering online too. In fact you don't need to be local to them if they have an online presence. The gym I usually go to has provided members with an app, online training sessions, recorded sessiond you can exercise alongside. There are options for bodyweight and limited kit. You are assigned a PT so there's a relationship there and accountability to keep you on track. Your PT will give you extra stuff to do if you want it and tailor it to what you want to work on.

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