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Getting a fringe cut - hair do or hair don't?

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foxymagoo Thu 13-Sep-07 13:47:57

Have decided i'm in a big old style rut and have made an appointment for end of month to get hair cut (first time since Feb).

I have thick wavy long brown hair which has grown out layers round the face - basically a shapelss mess.

I'm swithering whether to have a longish fringe cut in and @ 3 nches off the length (I had this done some years ago and it was v. nice but high maintenance due to my wavyness).

Alternative is to get one length longish bob but feel I would just be even more boring looking with that and end up tying it back all time..

Anyone got any style ideas? How do you manage a fringe day to day?

missbumpy Thu 13-Sep-07 14:09:34

Good idea depending on the fringe. I've got similar hair to you and I've got a longish side-swept fringe. The trick is to either learn how to use a hairdryer (I'm rubbish at blow-drying my hair) or buy some GHD straighteners. They're pricey but worth it. It only takes me 5 seconds to quickly run the straightners through my fringe to make sure it doesn't turn into a cow's lick.

Take some pictures of people with a similar hair type to you who've got hairstyles you like along to the hairdressers with you. And let the stylist know how high-maintenance you're prepared to go. There's no point in them doing a really complicated style which involves hours of blow-drying if you're more of a wash and go kind of girl.

EffiePerine Thu 13-Sep-07 14:11:38

biggest hair mistake I made was getting a fringe. Awful and it took ages to grow out. Approach with caution.

Shorter layered style maybe

envy at wavy hair - mine is dead straight

DrNortherner Thu 13-Sep-07 14:13:34

I love fringes and I have always had one. I think they make yuo look younger - go for it!

foxymagoo Thu 13-Sep-07 20:06:12

I agree they do make you look younger and I'm now tipping into my late 30's..

I am a hair straightner veteran (since babyliss straight and crimp!)and currently use G-H-fry-an-egg-on-them-D's.

I'm definately more a wash and go BUT have decided to try and devote a bit more time as I've really let things slide..

If i get a longish one I can sweep it to the side and on really lazy (i.e. work) days just bung a kirby in

BUT then I think back and remember how I cursed getting one done last time.

Effie I envy your straight hair smile

Have brought Red and In Style this month for insipration.

RibenaBerry Thu 13-Sep-07 20:16:18

I had a fringe and quite liked the look. I'm often tempted to have one cut again.

The problem was not so much the hairdrying (I have very fine hair, so have to wash and blast dry with hairdryer every day, but it isn't hard to tame), it was the cuts. I found that 6 weekly trims became a necessity. Stretched to 8 max. You can get fringe trims in between of course, but it's not much less hassle. Am now fringeless and about to get my first haircut since (early) June, and it's only in the last fortnight its looked straggly (sp?), well, by my standards at least.

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