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I need some help! Dark purple undereye circles on very pale skin

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Y0ubetterwerk Sat 11-Apr-20 16:21:28

I'm hoping someone can help as I feel like I've tried everything!

I have extremely bad undereye circles and sinking. This is heriditary/thyroid based as opposed to lack of sleep/water (although admittedly, both of these could be better. The creasing under my eye area, and the thinness of the skin, means that any product just creases making things look ten times worse. I also wear glasses so the issue is magnified!

They have got progressively worse in the last five years and I've started having tear trough filler once a year to help plump up the skin. However, this seems to have dissolved incredibly quickly this time around.

My make up routine is limited as im clueless. I manage to sort of cover the problem for a few hours but whenever I look in the mirror, I see the product has creased and I need to blot and start again. Essentially, I spend a huge amount of money on products that propose to work and just look patchy on my skin!

I'm. Hoping someone has something they can recommend. I spend a huge amount of under eye treatments and cover ups and the results are always just a bit shit!

My routine is as follows:
Kiehls powerful strength under eye line and dark circle serum (morning and night). This is new-previously tried ordinary products, origins dark circle cream, banana cream (Dr someone) and avene eye serum.

Moisturise with olay 7. Allow to dry.

Under eye area is worse towards the nose so start with bobbi brown corrector in light bisque. Let set.

Follow with Laura mercer concealer

Light foundation (mix of phoarah and Laura mercer photo finish to get my shade as too pale)

Blot under eyes as already creasing.

Let set

Reapply concealer.

Set with powder.

It just all looks dead patchy or creased.

Has anyone got a serum or cream that they'd recommend to hydrate the eye area to help the makeup sit properly? Or make up tips/prpducts for pale skin coverage?

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Y0ubetterwerk Sat 11-Apr-20 16:22:25

I'm only in my mid-30s but my eyes are aging me horribly

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FartnissEverbeans Sat 11-Apr-20 18:52:03

Slightly off topic but have you heard that they’re discontinuing the corrector in light bisque?!

I have the same issue as you and have been using it for about twelve years. Can’t believe it

mous Sat 11-Apr-20 18:55:08



BB light bisque is the only thing that stops me looking like a revenant

This is the worst. Say it ain't so

LunchBoxPolice Sat 11-Apr-20 18:55:25

I have the same problem and have tried hundreds of products. I’ve recently bought Tarte shape tape concealer and it’s the best coverage I’ve ever had, and it lasts all day.

mous Sat 11-Apr-20 19:08:30

Greetings undereye sister, it's shite innit

Have similar / same issue, 30s. People have actually stopped me in street in concern at my face. Someone asked if I was on chemo once

You might have deep set eyes - this will cast an unavoidable shadow and a trough/ recess whatever you do

Look at veins on wrist - are they blue/ purple on wrist? You are likely cool toned and need pink toned or red toned corrector in trough. No point putting concealer or powder on without red or pink corrector

Try an experiment - blend dot of red lipstick in trough / under eye then concealer on top. Even if shade off or red too much, does it correct the greyness significantly? (Obviously don't leave on as lipstick not good for sensitive under eye area, it's just a colour test). If so invest in a red corrector pen - Maybelline do one

Use only tiny bit of powder and really press in with damp blender or brush under the recess not in it. Sounds counterintuitive but helps with shadow

Don't bung all make up or corrector in the recess.

If you have done everything skin wise, there's a bit of having to just accept it. Work with the bone structure as much as possible and just accept there's something with it that causes a shadow. That's structural not skin. So best thing is to trick gaze away from that. Try moving concealer on top of corrector in a sort of comma shape that goes down side of nose where inner eye is and skates under trough. Putting lots of product in a recess just leads to it creasing and piling.

mous Sat 11-Apr-20 19:09:38

*might also have deep set eyes along thyroid issues I meant to say

Lifeaback Sat 11-Apr-20 19:12:21

I’m also struggling with this as I’ve got older and lost volume in my face. I’ve not found a product that works yet unfortunately, the more research I’ve done into it the more I’m thinking no amount of skin care can help them. Not sure if it’s viable for you financially and completely understand if you’re not interested in anything invasive- but I’ve been looking at something called tear trough filler and the results seem to be amazing with that. Google the consultant clinic or look on their insta for some before/afters if you’re interested

Lifeaback Sat 11-Apr-20 19:16:01

Omg ignore me I didn’t read all of your post blush it’s a shame the results don’t last longer especially as it’s quite expensive

Y0ubetterwerk Sat 11-Apr-20 19:40:26

It's £450 a time and I'd honestly need it 3 x per year. Financially, I can manage once and I just have to accept it doesn't last long.

How can they discontinue light bisque corrector? I don't know what else I can use! It's been 10 years and I go through one a month.

Mous-really vibrant blue lines on wrist and hands. I am extremely pale and seems I have very thin skin everywhere. I'll try the things you suggest and really appreciate it.

I've seen the shape tape advertised but there's no way of knowing what shade to go for. Better to be too light than too dark? I wish there was somewhere to try it before committing to buy.

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247SylviaPlath Sat 11-Apr-20 20:05:53

Have had issues with dark circles for years and received something in a GWP from Cult beauty that has been the only thing that works for me. It’s Becca under eye corrector. It looks pink - but basically you just pat a bit of it from your finger on the dark circles then use a hydrating concealer over the top (wouldn’t recommend shape tape as it’s really drying but I am 40 so maybe it’s just because I’m old!).

It comes in two colours I think.. about 19 quid so expensive for a little pot of something but lasts ages and works.

247SylviaPlath Sat 11-Apr-20 20:07:45

Correction - just checked it’s £21 but available from Cult beauty, Boots, Space nk etc

Marmaladegin Sat 11-Apr-20 20:37:03

Urban decay colour correctors. The pink one. I have pale skin and have tried many products and I think this one is good

frugalkitty Sat 11-Apr-20 21:56:22

I binned a BB light bisque this week as however much the colour was good, I found it settled in the creases blush

Benefit boing? is ok (used to be erase paste), and concealer wise I like either shape tape or Mac long wear. Sadly, nothing actually covers mine so I just go for as best coverage as possible.

flouncymcflouncerson Sat 11-Apr-20 22:00:03

I’m the same, 36 and if I don’t wear makeup people ask if I’ve been punched. Best I’ve found to conceal so far is tart shape tape and I’m quite liking Charlotte tilburys magic away. Mine will never be fully covered but these help massively.

BunnytheBee Sat 11-Apr-20 22:07:36

Benefit Erase paste covers better than anything I’ve used. I think it’s called benefit boing brightening concealer now. Lasts ages as you don’t need much.

I prefer liquid so use the Armani corrected but the benefit ones covers well. Sounds like you’d need shade 1.It is quite creamy so that could be a good or a bad thing.

If you want you try the Tarte you could order from QVC as you get a 30 day money back guarantee so could send it back if the wrong colour. Watch their demo of it and they explain the colours.

I have quite bad dark circles and I’m now 36 and starting to struggle with concealer due to the fine lines under my eyes.

I’ve thought about tear trough fillers but not sure I can justify the cost or whether it’d be worth it. The idea of having to do it 3+ times a year puts me off!

Bella2020 Sat 11-Apr-20 22:36:20

I'm 50 and look like I've got 2 black eyes at times; the dark circles really are that bad. I think my eyes are quite deep set and they're tiny, too.

I've tried the Becca product, it was a peachy pink iirc. It made no difference at all, sadly. I think it was a corrector to balance out the discolouration. I tried a MAC creamy concealer but that didn't work either. I didn't like Benefit's Erase Paste. I don't want to be piling on products as I think it would look way too obvious.

The only product at the moment which does anything is the Maybelline anti age instant eraser. I'm on the point now, though, of just giving up with correctors and concealers. I'm trying to take good care of my skin and I'm using a gadget which helps to gently massage moisturisers and serums into my skin and keep it hydrated. My skin is otherwise clear so I hope that my nice skin is more noticeable!

Bananaman123 Sun 12-Apr-20 12:16:04

Snap thyroid, dark like someone smacked me, sunken eyes. Sounds like too much product to be honest, check our robert welsh on youtube re concealor.

I find a peach corrector works best, rimmel do one, a tiny bit of concealor and i dont powder unless it feels oily as itshows up the wrinkles.

UpToonGirl Sun 12-Apr-20 13:43:01

I've stopped using any extra products under my eyes and am finding any makeup sits better with just moisturiser and sunscreen. I do have fairly oily skin however.

At the moment I am using NYX under-eye corrector in peach (have previously used Pixi which I think is 3 or 4 times the price - both are basically the same). Then I use Nars creamy concealer.

I've tried so many different products in the past and never anything which I have been happy enough to repurchase. The NYX product I probably will buy again when it runs out, it lasts forever, but I would guess most peach correctors do a similar job. The Nars is OK but next on my hit list is Two Faced concealer. It's stocked in Boots so you can test it out for shades. I've seen quite a few people using it, often gets compared to Tarte but I'm always reluctant to buy concealer/foundation products online due to colour matching so I bumped Two Faced above Tarte to try next once my Nars runs out.

Y0ubetterwerk Mon 13-Apr-20 10:59:35

It's just really depressing. Rest of my skin is great but my eyes are so dark and sunken.
I have two constantly black eyes-I'm so sick of people telling me I look tired!

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FartnissEverbeans Sun 19-Apr-20 16:59:35

@mous Panic over! I sent a DM to BB on Instagram and the rumours are apparently unfounded. Phew!

Ilovethekittehs Sun 19-Apr-20 17:03:50

I swear by NARS concealer

Ilovethekittehs Sun 19-Apr-20 17:05:03

Also, you need a decent setting powder. If it's too heavy, that will undo everything your concealer has done. I would recommend laura mercier under eye brightening powder

Kaykay066 Sun 19-Apr-20 18:49:22

I use benefit lemonaide, Bobbi brown concealer or benefit concealer Estée Lauder primer not the matte one, then foundation usually light, I also have thyroid probs and dark dark eyelids and under eyes and fair skin so feel like I look dead sometimes. Nyx do some really good correctors too, I have a dark orange one and a green one too,

MrsTumbletap Sun 19-Apr-20 18:57:19

Maybelline under eye corrector is great for this. It's a pen with a sponge on the end. I have very pale, very thin skin and that makes very dark under eye circles.

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