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Where to buy nice fitting ‘mom’ jeans?

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HighlandSpring101 Thu 09-Apr-20 22:42:35

As title, I’m a loyal skinny girl but feel this year I might give ‘mom’ jeans a go (I know no one will see them atm but that’s a good thing if they turn out to look ugly on me)

I don’t want any with ripped knees or anything like that, and I really want them to be a snug, flattering fit. Any tips on where to buy some nice ones?


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NewbieSM Thu 09-Apr-20 22:56:22

My favourite are the Levi's wedgie straight jeans. Really flattering on the bum, gives it a lifted, cheeky effect. Really fitted around the waist, hips and thighs but a more relaxed fit through the lower leg. Not too expensive and loads of colours and washes.

LittleMissEngineer Thu 09-Apr-20 22:58:14

I like these -

Still skinny/slim, very flattering, slightly higher waist (many jeans end up cutting too low and you end up with funny bulges or showing too much bottom hmm ).

GreyTS Thu 09-Apr-20 23:36:37

Love the Levis wedgie jeans and their ribcage straight jeans and I also bought some from river island, high waisted mom jeans - have been wearing them constantly during this lockdown so I'll be used to how they feel and look by the time we can go back out in public. They look really good with a fitted t shirt tucked in and high top converse

Ikeameatballs Thu 09-Apr-20 23:39:51

I’ve been very tempted by these

Mendeleyev Fri 10-Apr-20 08:00:04

I had some great ones from Primark. I didn’t want to pay a lot as I only wore skinnies and I wasn’t sure I’d wear them, but they’re great.

nannymags Fri 10-Apr-20 14:57:58

i like topshop for jeans and have two pairs of "mom" jeans from there

happytobemrsg Fri 10-Apr-20 15:55:02

I have some from New Look

peachypetite Sat 11-Apr-20 10:15:02

M&S do different lengths

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