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Is this rain jacket worth the £££

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brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:41:04


I have resisited buying ugly raincoats for yrs now but am fed up with being wet and vow to be prepared this winter...probably won't rain until march now.

Is it worth paying for gore-tex?

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:41:53

Message withdrawn

BonyM Thu 13-Sep-07 09:43:59

I wouldn't pay that - I have a Regatta one as well that I do the school run in. It was cheap as chips from TK Maxx and keeps me dry! (Well the top half anyway!)

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:44:02

yes that's the other option,was it waterproof enough?

belgo Thu 13-Sep-07 09:44:16

It depends on how much you use it. It would be worth it for me because I walk everywhere.

In fact, I will bookmark that link for my future reference.

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:44:30

Message withdrawn

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:45:16

Well it would be used whenver it rained I guess.

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:45:47

Yes I live in the amazon.

Dropdeadfred Thu 13-Sep-07 09:46:03

i want something pretty for that money..I'd buy a cheaper waterproof and spend the change on shoes..grin

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:46:33

Message withdrawn

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:47:23

agree dropdeadfred,it's rather a lot on an essentially unflattering piece of clothing

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:47:52

no pram ds can walk..he turned 5 a few days ago

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:48:09

Message withdrawn

LIZS Thu 13-Sep-07 09:48:56

I have a Goretex jacket and a waterproof/breathable one . Both do the job equally well imho.

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:48:57

Message withdrawn

TinyGang Thu 13-Sep-07 09:50:27

Dh is into cycling.

He is also constantly annoyingly surprised and shocked at how much clothes are blah blah....hmm but even he says gortex is the DB's and worth the money.

Certainly as a material for sports clothes because, it's very very lightweight and breathable. I think you'd be getting a good coat there, but it is a lot of money.

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:50:28

how about this

not keen on that style cod,makes me look like a lump

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:50:53

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:51:03

Message withdrawn

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:52:17

I am 5ft4 at a puch,think that style makes me look like a little old lady

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:52:31

Message withdrawn

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:53:07


FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Sep-07 09:53:31

Message withdrawn

BalletMum Thu 13-Sep-07 09:55:09

I've got a lovely raincoat from Boden with spots on. Can't link as I don't know how!!!blush It keeps me dry and looks stylish IMO!!!!!!! Always gets lots of comments.....good ones that is!!!!

brimfull Thu 13-Sep-07 09:55:13


I'm off to tkmaxx

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