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Help! almost no eyebrows

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giggly Wed 12-Sep-07 23:54:45

Due to stress my eyebrows are almost gone, I have a few sparse bits and then nothing. I have Elizabeth Arden brow filler and this works okay. My problem is that I do wonder if I look somewhat strange when not wearing the powder or indeed when I am wearing it. I have thought about getting them tattooed, but I am not sure about the end results. Any ideas?

Othersideofthechannel Thu 13-Sep-07 14:45:59

Do you want some of mine? They are far too bushy smile

pania Thu 13-Sep-07 21:04:44

If the hair has fallen out due to stress, won't it eventually grow back, giggly?

Tattooing seems rather drastic and what would you do if you don't like the look of it?

giggly Fri 14-Sep-07 00:00:58

Havent grown back in enough have had a problem for 2 years now and although some come back they are very sparse. I never realised before how much they define your face. Thanks anyway.

EmilyDavidson Fri 14-Sep-07 10:41:45

I know somone who has recently had her eyebrows tattoed. It sounds very scary and heavy but its so natural and real looking. She is a blonde so they do it with very pale colours ,and are very cautious. She had it done and then had a follow up appointment where they added a bit extra .

I'ts not a tattoo in the traditional sense that it cant be got rid of. Sunshine fades it but so does lots of skincare ,things like toners and aha creams if I remember rightly.

Threadworm Fri 14-Sep-07 10:43:59

My sister has tatooed eyebrows, because of alopecia. Looks good.

giggly Fri 14-Sep-07 22:47:50

Thanks I think I will go investigate, I just wasnt sure if they would look completely fake.

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