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Shoeboot brogue type things...what do you think??

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norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 16:18:17

A la these

And the other Q, can you ever wear them with anything other than tailored trousers??

TIA smile

MrsBadger Wed 12-Sep-07 16:46:27


binkleandflip Wed 12-Sep-07 16:47:08

v. v. dodgy

CountessScabula Wed 12-Sep-07 16:53:26

They are gross
and goin gto be everywhere soon I beleive

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 16:53:59


Mrs B, they're not that bad surely?!

<slinks away shamefaced with dodgy shoe taste>

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 16:54:28

<cries on seeing CD's post>


BeetrootBevan Wed 12-Sep-07 16:55:19

I have the most fabulous shoes but cannot link to them.

Flat, Patent (high fashion dontcha know) ZARA

NotAnOtter Wed 12-Sep-07 16:56:41

hideous but remind me of 70's and i know i will grow to love them

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 16:57:18

cheers Beetroot, I've seen flat patent brogues, too, but they're a bridge too far even for my taste in shoes.

Does anyone like this brogue thing going on? As CD says they're gonna be everywhere so someone other than me must like them...

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 16:58:06

btw I like the whole masculine tailoring, 1920s lesbian look. If that helps.

princessmel Wed 12-Sep-07 16:58:21

Sorry, I wouldn't wear them with anything.

Yuk smile

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 16:59:20

I'm thinking sale racks, massively reduced heeled brogues, just for meeee! Maybe in oxblood. Yum.

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 17:02:57

Maybe with this suit


cardy Wed 12-Sep-07 17:03:33

I like them and will proably get some, but I don't think I'll pay £59. I saw some cheep ones somewhere recently (Matalan maybe). I tend to buy cheep versions of highly fashionable stuff....just in case I only every where it a few times.

I will where them with black skinny jeans and wide leg jeans too.

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 17:04:31

Cardy, I love you grin

cardy Wed 12-Sep-07 17:07:35

I've been wondering what to wear with skinny jeans once it get too cold for ballet pumps.

What about ankle boots????

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 17:08:51

Skinny jeans I do not do, sorry Cardy, so no idea. Hopefully someone beloved of sj will be along soon though.

kittylouise Wed 12-Sep-07 17:15:35

I tried ankle boot/shoe boot type thingies with my skinny jeans as well last winter, I just looked absurd, like a giraffe with orthopaedic shoes (have got long legs and size 9 feet, like a freak).

I don't know what else you are supposed to wear with skinny jeans apart from ballet shoes.

The shoeboot ankle boot things were vile anyway, tried to wear them with mini skirts and tights (dodgy 80's hooker look) and wide legged tailored trousers (kept on getting caught in the turnups and revealing deeply unglamorous socks). So gave up on that look and will be avoiding this winter.

MrsBadger Wed 12-Sep-07 17:15:48

skinny jeans rolled up with long boots

norkmaiden Wed 12-Sep-07 17:16:41

or shoved into Uggs.

cardy Wed 12-Sep-07 17:18:29

Did tuck jeans into boots last winter but want something more casual - the only other things i've through of are uggs. Are they a bit 'last year'?

kittylouise Wed 12-Sep-07 17:21:35

I like the whole tucked into boots thing, but like you say it's not v casual.

princessmel Wed 12-Sep-07 17:24:21

Mrs B why do you say the jeans need to be rolled up??smile

I wore my skinnys in boots all last winter. I think I looked casual. I had a flat red leather pair, slighlty pointed toe and tiny heel ( a bit like a jelly tot)and a brown swede flat pair.

kittylouise Wed 12-Sep-07 17:26:04

Yes, would look casual in flat boots.

All my boots have heels, cos boots with flat heels in size 9 will look like I am wearing wellies.

MrsBadger Wed 12-Sep-07 17:27:52

only an idea
thought really skinny ones wouldn't fit over boots
I am still wearing bootcut so what do I know

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