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Boys (10) clothes - alternative to Next?

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LittleMissEngineer Sun 05-Apr-20 14:02:05

Thought that I would log on and order some clothes for DS 10 (he keeps growing... hmm ), but I see that they have shut up shop for the foreseeable future (possibly longer).

Where would be another option. Not a massive fan of M&S, Gap or JL for boys clothes. Boden seem a little young for a 10 year old. Next are such a nice variety and fashionable and their look books are great for ideas. Anything similar?

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pinkazing Sun 05-Apr-20 14:03:20

We get ours from Sainsbury’s and Matalan

Legoandloldolls Sun 05-Apr-20 14:03:54

H&M for my three boys

Littleshortcake Sun 05-Apr-20 14:05:40

Yes H&m

livingmyslothlife Sun 05-Apr-20 14:07:10

Another vote for H & M

Thisismyusernamefornow Sun 05-Apr-20 14:07:54

H&M and there's 20% off kids this week.

ritzbiscuits Sun 05-Apr-20 14:14:59

I need to order some clothes later...going to be looking at H&M, Sainsbury's Tu, Asda George and M&S.

Ted27 Sun 05-Apr-20 14:16:52

Fatface always went down well here, notba huge range but good quality

TheMarbleFaun Sun 05-Apr-20 17:02:49

Came here to say H&M with 20% off

BorrestGump Sun 05-Apr-20 19:13:30

My ten year old wears Boden. Mostly their trousers though some tops. Also tops from Gap and jeans from H&M as they suit tall and thin. Tbh he is a fussy soul so if he likes something I but the identical one in several colours and Gap is good for that as they do the same waffle type long sleeve tee year after year. Socks, jocks and vests from M&S. I deviate from this list at my wallet's peril as he will not wear what I buy.

ktjb39 Sun 05-Apr-20 19:14:43

My eldest likes H and M too. Joggers, t shirts and hoodies.

Equimum Sun 05-Apr-20 19:44:22


MistyMinge2 Sun 05-Apr-20 19:48:27


As long as you avoid the ultra cheap tshirts their range is usually always good, washes well, and something to please most age ranges. I've ordered my two boys a few bits this week as they're doing 20% off kids clothes.

I also really rate Sainsbury kids clothes.

LellyMcKelly Sun 05-Apr-20 19:51:55

H&M, Zara Kids, Fat Face, XS in Jack Wills, Superdry or Hollister might fit him if he’s tall for his age - my DS is 11 and loves his Jack Wills hoodies.

KaronAVyrus Sun 05-Apr-20 19:56:14

H & M

Also especially great when they are at that tricky age between boy’s size and men’s size. Can’t be beaten.

Peasinthefreezer Mon 06-Apr-20 08:52:36


ihearttc Mon 06-Apr-20 22:21:32

DS2 is 9 and wears Hype, Nike and Adidas.

Mascotte Mon 06-Apr-20 22:22:19

Came in to say H&M

Mascotte Mon 06-Apr-20 22:23:40

Oh yes..,and the evil Sports Direct for cheap
Adidas stuff

BikeRunSki Mon 06-Apr-20 22:25:17

H&M, fatface, bit of Boden, Sainsbury’s

BikeRunSki Mon 06-Apr-20 22:25:36

Mountain Warehouse too

LittleMissEngineer Mon 06-Apr-20 22:37:26

Thanks everyone - gives me some great places to look smile

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ritzbiscuits Tue 07-Apr-20 16:24:13

Reporting back to say I got everything I needed from H&M via post and Sainsbury's which can be collected when doing the food shop.

TerrorWig Tue 07-Apr-20 16:30:16

H&M are our top choice, River Island oddly are very good for super skinny boys that want skinny jeans! La Redoute are nice as well they do some good t-shirts.

BeaLola Tue 07-Apr-20 23:34:37

H&M especially for cargo trousers, joggers, chinos.

M&M for trainers and sports stuff

Primark for tshirts and underwear - DS likes choosing himself so I give him a gift card with £20 on it and he returns with a large bag of stuff feeling grown up

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