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Shall we talk about lipstick?

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virginpinkmartini Sun 05-Apr-20 08:08:36

Blue based reds have the advantage of making your teeth appear whiter, too. I decided to forgo bullet lipsticks a while ago, liquid lipsticks are the best imo. My choice is the Jeffree Star range, very good and loads of colours x

ILikeyourHairyHands Sun 05-Apr-20 07:57:22

I do think it's true, I tend to wear a neautraly pink in the summer but I unleash the reds in Autumn/winter, I tend to wear a more burgundy/plum than bright red, I'm pale and I guess I've got cool colouring. Most of my reds are Laura Mercier.

SapphireSeptember Sun 05-Apr-20 03:30:28

Revlon are my lipstick love, closely followed by NYX. My go-to shade has always been a fuchsia pink with iridescent blue shimmer, and Revlon Fuchsia Fusion fits the bill perfectly, as did the Fuchsia shade from the much loved but sadly discontinued Colorburst line. Bright pink does something to my face, it just lifts it and it's a strong enough colour to not disappear in my face.
I swear whenever I see a new lipstick range I make a beeline for the bright pink shade. grin

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BitOfFun Sun 05-Apr-20 03:00:50

I love the colour of MAC Ruby Woo, but it's pretty drying.

On the budget side, MUA's Fawn Fancy is a great 'Your Lips But Better' shade, and it's long lasting and comfortable to wear.

SapphireSeptember Sun 05-Apr-20 02:52:38

I do think it's true! I've convinced myself I can wear any red (and do) but whether they all suit me or not is arguable. The perfect red lipstick for you would be based on your skin tone, undertones, hair and eye colour.

So for instance I think I can pull off deep vampy reds, bright blue based reds and bright orange-y reds the best, and I have dark brown hair, hazel eyes and pale yellow-toned skin with cool undertones.

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floppybit Sun 05-Apr-20 02:33:09

I would love to be able to wear red lipstick but it just makes me look weird. I always wear neutral fleshy toned lipstick. Mind you, they say there's a red for everyone, do you think that's true?

SapphireSeptember Sun 05-Apr-20 02:30:33

I'm fed up with everything going on at the moment and just want to think about nice things for a bit!

I bought some new lippies just before everything got really bad and haven't had a chance to wear them yet. I haven't really been wearing make-up much recently and need to change that. smile

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