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Home hair dye question

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Lavendersquare Fri 03-Apr-20 22:51:28

As a trip to the hairdressers is out of the question for a while I'm going to have to attempt to sort my own hair out. I'm naturally mid brown with a bit of grey, but for years I've been having it lightened with --stupidly expensive b--londe and caramel highlights. When lockdown struck I was overdue to have the highlights redone so now they look awful and are only going to get worse.

There's no way I can do highlights myself and no way I can live with the brown/grey regrowth. So I'm considering an all over brown dye to cover up the highlights. I've never been very good at diy hair and have never attempted a home dye.

So I'm looking for simple suggestions that I can buy online that will enable me to have an all overbrown colour. I'm terrified of accidentally going green or blue so I want something that definitely won't do this.

Any suggestions?

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MrsDrudge Fri 03-Apr-20 23:21:09

There are some good root covering sprays and hair mascara type products around, come in a range of colours but do wash out if you are not pleased with the result. Might keep you going for a while.

Thankssomuch Fri 03-Apr-20 23:26:10

Are you me?

(sorry. Not helpful).

But I could have written your post and will be very interested in replies.

Dontstopnow Fri 03-Apr-20 23:31:40

I would choose a non-permanent light brown shade and use it all over. The highlights will come out a bit lighter and fade out better as your colour fades.
Most browns come out much darker than they look on the box and I usually try and go for something describing itself as an ashy brown as golden or chestnut browns can sometimes come out a wee bit orange under the light.

Esspee Fri 03-Apr-20 23:47:26

I use L'Oreal Preference, it is so easy to use. Simply follow the instructions.

I bend over the bath so that I can use the shower to wash it off and have an old towel nearby which is used purely for hair colouring sessions. The conditioner is fantastic and the overall effect much gentler than having it done at the salon. Depending on the length/thickness of your hair when redoing the roots you may only need half the amount. Keep the bottle from your first treatment and second time you can pour half of each of the colouring duo into the old container and seal the rest of the unused duo for use the next time.
Once you are confident doing it you can put streaks and highlights in using a slightly different shade.

SummersMahoosiveClipOnFringe Fri 03-Apr-20 23:50:34

My advice would be to use a warm mid brown. A neutral brown might turn the blonder bits khaki. Something along the lines of Loreal Excellence 5.5

VivLevy Sat 04-Apr-20 07:35:54

I am highlighted too with lots of grey in my regrowth/roots.
Hairdresser advised me just to do the bits I can see IE roots and regrowth.
The highlights will tone in and just look like natural highlights as hopefully the sun gets on them and they naturally lighten.
She said a bit of root touch up she can fix but doing an all over colour would be messy and hard to fix.
I am still working every day so reluctant to let grey come through.

Screamingeels Sat 04-Apr-20 07:51:15

I have mid - dark brown hair and 50% grey. I had highlights + dye 6 months ago. And now I just use home dye in an 8 (I use different ones 8.13, 8.3, dead 8 and occasional 9). Keeps it blonde. You need a brush really. 20 - 30 mins on roots and 5 -10 on length to brighten. Jobs a good un.

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