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underarm hair removal at home

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runwithme Wed 01-Apr-20 20:21:26

What's best for this? I am not sure I can master the waxing technique and I don't want to shave. Are there any alternatives? Would love the Lumea but its waaaay out of my price range. And definitely not growing it!

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CandyLeBonBon Wed 01-Apr-20 20:23:39

Shave or die of shame op

OhLook Wed 01-Apr-20 20:25:06

I'm growing mine. I've nowhere to go and no one to see!

Sarahlou63 Wed 01-Apr-20 20:27:02

Get a Bic. HTH.

runwithme Wed 01-Apr-20 20:29:48

No!!!! No to the razor and no to au naturale! There must be a magic sponge or something??

I had them waxed two weeks ago but our office is hot (key worker, police support) so I am going to resort to tank tops soon.

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TerrorWig Wed 01-Apr-20 20:31:02

I've used an epilator for the past 18 years. I think it's a Braun.

Yes it hurts but it's honestly not that bad, and obviously it's quite a small area!

squishedgrapes Wed 01-Apr-20 20:34:44

Get a Lumea, if you can.
Otherwise just shave

NW2SW Wed 01-Apr-20 20:36:46

Epilate, it'll hurt like a bitch for the first couple of months but it's the best thing. Over the years it's also reduced the amount of hair I have too

homemadecommunistrussia Wed 01-Apr-20 20:43:27

Veet? But why so anti shaving? Tis quick and easy and cheap. confused

runwithme Wed 01-Apr-20 20:47:39

I don't like shaving because it makes my underarms look dark. I've always shaved but I braved the wax last summer and it was so much smoother

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CandyLeBonBon Wed 01-Apr-20 20:48:53

So get some waxing strips or whatever when you next shop?

KatharinaRosalie Wed 01-Apr-20 21:31:56

Epilator works fine. Much less fiddly than waxing yourself.

Sewinginscotland Wed 01-Apr-20 21:36:24

I've epilated my underarms for the last 8 years. The first time hurt like anything (I had to do it in 4 goes 🙈) but it was fine after that. I suspect if you've been waxing, it won't hurt as badly.

Like you, I hate shaving them! I get a 5 o'clock shadow which just doesn't happen if I epilate.

JollyGiraffe12 Wed 01-Apr-20 21:38:16

Just shave for now and get back to waxing when you can - save the extra money you would have spent for a lovely treat at the end of all this

RedSoloCup Wed 01-Apr-20 21:48:37

Epilate mine all good

MangePasTesOnglesVilain Wed 01-Apr-20 21:58:36

I honestly didn't know that there was any other way except shaving. I knew people waxed legs but not armpits!

EasyPleasey Wed 01-Apr-20 22:24:24

I shave, use a gel and you get a smooth finish.

Sarahlou63 Wed 01-Apr-20 22:26:13

Your armpits look dark after shaving? This has to be a (very late) April Fool.

endofacentury Wed 01-Apr-20 22:28:04

I use veet wax strips, do it once a week and it's fine and easy to do

OhLook Wed 01-Apr-20 22:51:27

Some people's armpits look dark after shaving because they have thick dark hair and you can still see the root under the surface. With waxing the root is pulled out too so you don't see that.

Also, some people's hair grows faster than others. I have a friend who has noticeable 5 o'clock shadow.

No April fools about it.

Clymene Wed 01-Apr-20 22:55:18

How often does anyone see your armpits at work if you're doing a desk job? confused

OhLook Wed 01-Apr-20 22:59:16

? The OP was talking about wearing a tank top because it's hot, so of course people could potentially see.

runwithme Thu 02-Apr-20 08:27:37

Firstly, it's not an april fools. I am asian so I think that makes my skin darker. It just does. Get over it.

And I want to have hairless underarms, does it matter why?! For fucks sake.

Thanks for all the sensible options. Will buy shaving gel and give it a go. Will also look at the Lumia for a later date.

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IceKitten Thu 02-Apr-20 08:28:47

I use an epilator.

Elouera Thu 02-Apr-20 08:33:49

No one has mentioned depilatory cream. It stinks, you leave it on for a while and it melts/dissolves the hair (not the right term, but gets rid of the hair!) The hair turns into a stretchy, weird mess and literally wipes off the skin. It also 'melts' it just under the skin, so gives a slightly better/longer lasting effect than shaving.

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