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Please, please help me 😭 hair related

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Toomanydishes Tue 31-Mar-20 15:53:35

I am desperate!

I am sorry if this is long, but I need a new shampoo and I need recommendations for a very sore, oily scalp that at the moment feels like it's on fire. There's no dandruff and my hair is fine, but loads of it.

I'm not sure if I have dermatitis , but I am very sensitive to almost all shampoos, especially professional ones. For example, my hairdresser always uses olaplex shampoo and I want to rip my hair off by the next day. Also I get it more when I'm stressed.

I have tried tgel, ginger shampoo from TBS, salicylic acid shampoo, ACV rinse, oiling my scalp,tea tree oil in my shampoo, even bicarbonate. Nothing works...

Atm I use OGX (the clear coconut one, as anything with shimmer or anything with SLS seems to make it worse) but it's only washing, not doing anything to soothe my scalp. I shampoo, condition/mask, shampoo again.
The only thing that helps for a bit is dying my hair every 3-4 weeks and for some reason my scalp seems to settle for a week or two.

I know it's a small thing , but I'm desperate ( so desperate that I've used some H&S the other day 😭)

I would love to find a natural shampoo / bar /miracle potion that could help.

Please tell me there is something for me ! 🙏

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MrsForky Tue 31-Mar-20 15:56:03

I recommend Yves Rocher Hair Care Detox Micellar Shampoo Anti Pollution Silicone Free 300ml and it's on Ebay for 11.99. My partner has a scratchy head, normally uses Tgel but used this on holiday and says it's pretty good.

Toomanydishes Tue 31-Mar-20 20:12:00

Thank you . Is it transparent?

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Bloomburger Wed 01-Apr-20 13:17:26

Moo Goo do an amazing shampoo and conditioner which has no nasties in and is very soothing.

SirVixofVixHall Wed 01-Apr-20 13:21:32
This was the only shampoo I could tolerate when everything was giving me hives and making me itch.

ritzbiscuits Wed 01-Apr-20 13:26:23

I use Child's Farm baby shampoo, I have a terribly sensitive scalp but this doesn't irritate.

Custardcreamies101 Wed 01-Apr-20 13:28:41

I think you need an unfragranced shampoo. Green people shampoo is good.

They also do ones for irritated scalp etc so have a look on their website.
Faith in nature also have an unscented one too:

Kleptronic Wed 01-Apr-20 13:33:45

Have you tried Nizoral (ketaconazole)? Only the relief after hair dying suggests dermatitis to me and the dye's killing off the yeast for a bit?

mynameiswah Wed 01-Apr-20 13:41:45

I think you're perhaps allergic to some chemicals, Olaplex & hair dyes have been known to cause allergies in some people. Try Holland and Barrett "Jason" shampoo and conditioners, I used them when my scalp was going through a difficult stage and they helped. Sometimes a burning feeling scalp is inflammation, have you noticed any hair loss recently? I would use the mildest shampoo & conditioner I could find, preferably natural, organic, unscented and sulphate free. A'kin products were good for me too I remember (also H&B).

thisenglishlife Wed 01-Apr-20 13:47:22

Polytar, Ezederm, Capasal, Nizoral, Head and Shoulders do a special one for dermatitis and similar conditions

Muminabun Wed 01-Apr-20 14:57:06

Do you have to shampoo your hair op? If it doesn’t get greasy can you just rinse it with water or Nick a tip from the curly girl method and wash it with silicone free conditioner and then rinse. ‘As I am’ does a very gentle co wash with no sls. You don’t have to use shampoo if it isn’t for you there are so many shampoo alternatives out there now due to people wanting to move away from harsh chemicals like sls.

pallasathena Wed 01-Apr-20 15:07:27

Try Shampure.
It's expensive but worth every penny. Sorted out a nasty recurring bout of psoriasis on the scalp that was very painful.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 01-Apr-20 15:12:03


If H and S works why not use it? Their one with argan oil with the matching conditioner is great imo.

gingersausage Wed 01-Apr-20 17:07:30

“Natural” isn’t always a good thing necessarily. Some of the worst scalp sensitivities are to coconut, linalool and lanolin, all of which are found in nature.

It sounds like you are being a bit rough with your scalp and trying a scattergun approach - bicarb, vinegar and tea tree oil are all very harsh; if you wouldn’t rub them on your face, don’t put them on your head.

I know it’s difficult at the moment, but if you can manage to see a pharmacist, do so. Normally I’d say see your GP for a prescription, but obviously that’s not happening. Ask them for some scalp treatment, not medicated shampoo.

Try and get some Palmers shampoo, either the olive oil or the cocoa butter one (not coconut given the OGX makes you itchy). When you wash your hair, rub a small amount (10p piece size) of shampoo between your palms and smooth it onto your hair then rub gently with your flat hands, don’t scrub at your scalp with your fingertips. You don’t need a ton of foam and bubbles to prove the shampoo is doing it’s job. Rinse really well and repeat. On the second rinse, gently part your hair multiple times so that the water is actually running on your scalp not just your hair, and rinse for at least twice as long as normal. Try and avoid conditioner, but if you absolutely must use it keep it well away from your scalp, just work it into the ends and then rinse really well again. Always wash your hair in lukewarm water, not hot.

Squeeze the excess water and then blot your hair really well but don’t wrap it up in a towel; either air dry or blow dry it straight away. Don’t have the dryer too hot.

I suffered for years with an itchy sore scalp, and sorted it with a lot of trial and error. Good luck, I know how irritating it is.

hipslikecinderella Wed 01-Apr-20 18:10:21

Yes I'd also recommend a dermatologist or gp, although maybe not poss at the moment.

Ime they often prescribe Nizoral, which is available otc.Boots does their own otc (ketoconazole or something) which is cheaper.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Wed 01-Apr-20 18:57:33

Eucerin calming urea shampoo is good

Toomanydishes Wed 01-Apr-20 21:46:28

@ritzbiscuits I have tried the one with salicylic acid, with an orange lid and it's made my scalp sore. Are you using a different one?

@Bloomburger I'll have a look at Moo Goo , I think I've used a cream from them at some point smile

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Toomanydishes Wed 01-Apr-20 21:51:24

@Custardcreamies, I think that you're right, I react to fragranced stuff in general 😭

I have tried faith in nature in the past with no joy, will have a look at green people. Thank you

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Toomanydishes Wed 01-Apr-20 21:53:49

@Kleptronic , I need to get some ketoconazole shampoo, I used to use it once in a while and now that I think about it, it used to help. Thanks for reminding me about it thanks

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Toomanydishes Wed 01-Apr-20 21:57:15

@Muminabun , I have tried cowashing in the past but I've never found anything that worked well for me and I got back to shampooing.

I try to wash my hair every 3-4 days ( thank god for dry shampoo) but it's mostly my scalp that can't take. My hair would be fine

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Toomanydishes Wed 01-Apr-20 22:00:00

@MrsPelligrinoPetrichor H&S only works temporarily, it makes your scalp addicted to the zinc in it, plus my hair gets really oily and limp after just a day ☹️
Selsun, is this the one that smells a bit funny? I think I used to use it as a teenager back home, but never seen it here

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Toomanydishes Wed 01-Apr-20 22:06:32

@gingersausage , I love love love your username 🥰

I'm sorry if I wasn't very clear, coconut is good for my hair and the OGX shampoo is alright, it just doesn't calm my scalp atm.
I think it has flared up due to stress

I have tried palmer's a long time ago and it did not agree with me.

And I do put bicarb on my face sometimes grin*runs and hides under a rock*

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ritzbiscuits Wed 01-Apr-20 22:13:53

@Toomanydishes I think I tried that one and it didn't agree with me.

It's this one I use, the mint green one:

It's quite easily available at Boots and many supermarkets.

It's very mild, it's rubbish for cleaning make up brushes for example! Johnson Baby Shampoo stripped the foundation off in one!

Toomanydishes Wed 01-Apr-20 22:25:04

@ritzbiscuits , thank you !!

I use child's farm body lotion religiously, it really keeps eczema episodes at bay. And I use their nappy cream as (shock and horror) an eye cream. Mostly at night tho
It's cured a patch of eczema I had in the outer corner of my eye. I would have tried anything, it was so so sore.
I'm gonna get some shampoo as well

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ritzbiscuits Wed 01-Apr-20 22:36:10

Yes, give it a go. I have curly hair so attempted the curly girl method, but you're not supposed to use shampoo and my scalp just couldn't cope!

I use a combination of that shampoo, and conditioner without -cone -sulphate ingredients and it seems to work.

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