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Closure of hairdressers

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carrottopper Sun 29-Mar-20 09:29:06

How long are hairdressers closed for!? Any idea? Is it 3 weeks or 12weeks?

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PickAChew Sun 29-Mar-20 09:31:32

No one knows.

thedevilinablackdress Sun 29-Mar-20 14:23:04

At least 3, possibly up to 13. We need to wait and see what happens.

florriepeck Sun 29-Mar-20 15:58:05

Same as everything else at the moment: we don't know.
Life is on hold.
There will be a stampede of wild-haired, grey-rooted women when they do re open, though.
One of many things that we took for granted.

Deathraystare Mon 30-Mar-20 09:39:47

There will be a stampede of wild-haired, grey-rooted women when they do re open, though.

They will have to open 24 hr to meet the demand of hair dyeing/blowdrying/streaking/waxing etc etc!

I guess I will have to do it myself. Cue dye all over the towel and me! Didn't think of that, did you Boris?!

Sihaya Mon 30-Mar-20 09:56:56

I don't have my hair coloured and don't plan to, but here's an email I got from my local salon:

"Hello All, We urge you to resist the temptation to use a supermarket box colour on your hair. We are not motivated by professional envy but by our knowledge and experience.


The most complex area/segment of all our services is without hesitation our colour department. It is also the most sensitive in terms of clients subjective likes and dislikes requiring accurate and meaningful communication between a stylist and client to minimise misunderstandings.


NOW is the opportunity to allow your hair to gain optimum condition ready for your next professional colour service. However, if you feel your hair is letting you down then consider instead cosmetic colour camouflage such as Redken root fusion or Color Wow."

middleager Mon 30-Mar-20 09:59:34

How long is a piece of string?
Nobody knows.

Had to resort to a box dye, but in the grand scheme of things this really isn't a hardship.

Joans3rddaughter Mon 30-Mar-20 10:06:05

I am going to let my roots grow through. I will try and keep it in good condition and if I am unable to go to hairdresser for 12 weeks I am going to get DH to cut the longest lengths and grow my layers out for the time being

florriepeck Mon 30-Mar-20 11:07:42

Sihaya,seems good advice in that e mail.
I already use Colour Wow occasionally, if I'm going out and my colour appointment is maybe a few days later.
It works well on a small amount of regrowth: not sure what limits it's going to be stretched to, though!

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