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Matching concealer and foundation

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pickupstick Sat 28-Mar-20 21:52:02


I tend to buy my foundations from Bobbi Brown, I use warm natural, I'd like to buy an under eye concealer, is it best to but the same shade as my foundation or a different one?

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thisenglishlife Sat 28-Mar-20 21:56:06

Read the reviews, as not all the Bobbi Brown shades match up across product types.

Tartyflette Sat 28-Mar-20 22:00:51

I read somewhere you should use a slightly lighter shade of concealer than foundation for the under eye zone, to avoid a light 'stripe'.

Tartyflette Sat 28-Mar-20 22:03:25

pickupstick Sat 28-Mar-20 22:21:44

Brilliant, thanks. I'll have a read. I'd usually go in the the store but as they're all closed I'll do my best guessing.

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BusterGonad Sat 04-Apr-20 04:06:02

If they are called the same name shade and made to make it easy to buy then surely Bobbi Brown would've taken this into account and slightly lightened the shade to make it work? They are experts in make up after all.

EnidButton Sat 04-Apr-20 08:24:54

Is their online chat advice service working at the moment? I've found that really helpful in the past. It's on their site. You can talk to a real person through messages and they advise you on what your shade will be etc.

Might be out of action just now but have a look.

EnidButton Sat 04-Apr-20 08:27:35

Ah no, just looked and their online chat service isn't available at the moment.

I'd go for the same shade as your foundation. Or look at the under eye correctors instead.

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