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Anyone fancy joining me in lockdown special edition of 'what are you wearing today?'

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BoogleMcGroogle Fri 27-Mar-20 07:20:34

So we are stuck at home ( and thanks to those of you still heading into work) and I've eschewed home delivery on moral grounds ( I know that Steve the Hermes man, who should've been self isolating will glad he can get some compensation now). But I'm trying to cheer myself up with some 'interesting' outfit combinations.

Cream Uniqlo merino v-neck
Short denim skirt ( Seraphine maternity- my youngest is eight....)
Soft, think mustard tights
Shoes...undecided. Let's face it, who has shoes to match mustard tights?!

I'm on a pharmacy run for the mutual aid group later. I hope that my legs will spread a little springtime cheer grin

Cheer me up with your chic lockdown combinations.

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TheLightSideOfTheMoon Fri 27-Mar-20 07:24:06

Currently wearing pink and yellow stripy pyjama shorts and a mahoosive grey t-shirt with a campervan on it.

But going to work shortly (support worker - adults with autism) and will be wearing jeans, a green check shirt and blue Vans.

LivingDeadGirlUK Fri 27-Mar-20 07:29:46

I'm actually getting dressed properly for first time this week as I'm going out to one of our sites. Will be black trousers, and a deep blue long sleeved shirt (and steel toecap boots, hard hat and high viz lol), and I'm looking forward to doing my makeup!

BoogleMcGroogle Fri 27-Mar-20 07:32:27

livingdead I'm not sure if 'enjoy your outing' is appropriate in the circumstances so, um, enjoy wearing clothes and make up!

I have a conference call today so, after my welly walk, I'm also looking forward to a spot of make up. I'll be saving a fortune in hair dye and make up at this rate...

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BoogleMcGroogle Fri 27-Mar-20 07:33:57

* lightside* thanks for your work, truly essential. I hope your clients are coping okay.

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Xiaoxiong Fri 27-Mar-20 07:42:40

I've been wearing exercise gear every morning because doing that bloody Joe Wicks PE programme with my kids is kicking my butt. I tried it on Monday in jeans, a normal bra and a jumper from Seasalt and it was a disaster!

TheLightSideOfTheMoon Fri 27-Mar-20 07:52:18

Clients are okay, thanks.

They know something is 'up' but coping well.

Luckily the home I work at has a large garden with trampoline, ballpit, swings, etc and the weather has been pretty good. We're very lucky.

Also, shortly before lockdown my manager let me loosevwith the company debit card and we bought LOADS of craft/gardening stuff.

We'll cope. It'll be hard. But we'll cope.

Hoohaahoo Fri 27-Mar-20 07:54:03

A bright pink oversized cardigan
Jogging bottoms
White T-shirt with gold sparkly polka dots

So chic!

KatyS36 Fri 27-Mar-20 08:01:22

A ball gown. I've got a brilliant group of friends I do a daily video call with and today's theme is formal attire.
Very chilled though, no need for hair or makeup.

Nquartz Fri 27-Mar-20 08:03:43

Cream cable knit jumper, black but faded to almost grey cropped jogging bottoms & pink spotty ankle socks.

BoogleMcGroogle Fri 27-Mar-20 08:06:03

Katy I love it!
Have you heard about Formal Fridays in NZ? DH hopes this might get his kiwi boss out if his fleece for the first time this week!

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CrimsonCattery Fri 27-Mar-20 09:28:29

Ratty exercise gear when I got up as doing the 30 day Shred each morning.

This then forces me to have a shower and get dressed as otherwise would spend all my time in PJs. Am now at my desk wfh wearing a black cami with a mens Star Wars shirt over and a yellow Jack Wills zipped hoodie. Grey skinny jeans and purple bootie slippers with gold stars on.

Not classy but at least I'm dressed!

JollyGiraffe12 Fri 27-Mar-20 12:38:06

Navy next joggers, joules striped navy and white top with yellow flowers, oversized navy Ralph Lauren cable knit v neck cotton jumper and my super furry ugg slippers or flip flops when I pop out to the garden. I’ve also put a bra on for the second time this week which feels like something of an accomplishment in the current climate grin

Mercurial123 Fri 27-Mar-20 12:54:33

Muji Labo cotton/jersey 3/4 sleeve sweat shirt and Muji straight jeans.

BoogleMcGroogle Fri 27-Mar-20 13:12:57

JollyGiraffe my colleague revealed today that she’s using wearing/not wearing a bra as her main way of differentiating working/not working. Suitably shamed, I’m now all bra’d up!

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LivingDeadGirlUK Mon 30-Mar-20 20:26:30

Its black leggings and an olive green jersey dress from H&M today. Comfort!

Miseryisabutterfly Mon 30-Mar-20 20:35:12

Sorry to derail, but @TheLightSideOfTheMoon my son has autism and is coping remarkably well so far (obviously this could change), I think the slower pace and lack of chaos is calming for him. I am trying to keep a routine and hide my own anxiety 😬

BoogleMcGroogle Mon 30-Mar-20 21:39:48

misery mine too. He has ADHD (unmedicated) and various typically autistic traits. He’s very happy at home, loves home schooling in little bursts, with lots of bouncing on the trampoline, has taken to learning to cook and is even happy to go on our long daily exercise walks, provided he can bring home lots of big sticks.

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StarlightLady Tue 31-Mar-20 07:04:54

I tend to wear dresses for home working. Comfortable and practical. I still put on a little make up each morning, bra sometimes at the moment but no knickers for a week!

Trumpspeach Tue 31-Mar-20 07:10:45

I am permanently living in my gardening gear - old, paint-spattered jeans and an old fleece of my xh's.
Footwear is my cheap croc-like shoes.
I'm loving it!

Bluesheep8 Tue 31-Mar-20 14:12:49

WFH. Grey marl sports leggings from Tesco, long length lilac sweatshirt from Primark. Grey knitted boottie slippers from Debenhams. NO MAKE UP, but hair washed at least. And perfume, I need to smell nice smile

ArtieFufkinPolymerRecords Tue 31-Mar-20 14:30:37

I still put on a little make up each morning, bra sometimes at the moment but no knickers for a week!

I get the bra/no bra thing but why do you only wear knickers if you are going out?

Terralee Tue 31-Mar-20 14:32:22

Primark pale pink fake uggs
Superdry dark pink hoody
Black Tu leggings
Black M&S vest

BillywigSting Tue 31-Mar-20 14:35:43

Red fine knit tunic with a black cat print.

Black leggings

Silver slippers with white fleece lining

Grey dressing gown with white stars and teddy ears on the hood.

It's a truly flattering look grin

Feelingfestivenow Tue 31-Mar-20 14:39:15

I am lying in bed not feeling to grand (not you know what, related) with a rather smart pair of navy and cream spotted PJ's from Paris (oh get me) and a pair of cream angora socks.....

Spent the last few days looking like a right mess in paint/cement/oil/varnish covered clothing doing jobs....

I need to get up for a shower, then put some joggers on.

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