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Differences between Philips lumea models?

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ReginaGeorgeous Wed 25-Mar-20 08:29:17

I usually have my legs waxed every 4-5 weeks but obviously that won’t be happening for a while so I’m thinking about home removal methods.

I think I’d be a good candidate for a lumea, I’ve got pale (almost blue) skin and have fine, light brown body hair. I’m also not that hairy.

I’ve been having a look and can’t really see what the difference between the advance and prestige models are, besides one being £200 more and cordless. I’m not fussed about the device being corded. Does the prestige actually give better results? Or is the advance perfectly sufficient for most people?

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ReginaGeorgeous Wed 25-Mar-20 16:36:02

Little bump for the evening crowd

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floffel Wed 25-Mar-20 21:12:39

Following as I’m interested too

mbhgfcbyyrrx Sat 04-Apr-20 18:21:45

Bumping this as I'm interested too

Weatherwax Sat 04-Apr-20 18:36:17

I've got a cordless one, but as long as the cord is sufficiently long I can't see that a cord would be a problem. And presumably you wont need to worry about it running our of charge if you are going for a mammoth session!

I love mine. On finer hair, it's pretty much permanently gone, on thicker hair I need to redo about once a fortnight but it's made a huge difference to very hairy me!

PeachMelba78 Sun 05-Apr-20 09:10:33

I have a corded one, it doesn’t have different heads but it only makes a difference on the upper lip where you have to pout a bit!
The overall effects are the same, and I would recommend it.

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