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Monsterjam Mon 23-Mar-20 18:11:21

So with the increased amount of time I’ve spent wearing slippers this week, I’ve noticed the soles are too thin.
Where shall I start looking for thick soled slippers,

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Terralee Mon 23-Mar-20 19:27:33

I'm wearing my fake pale pink ugg boots round the house from Primark £6. Nice thick sole, can obviously be worn outside as well as inside, very warm.

chubbycow Mon 23-Mar-20 19:44:40

Gumbies. Very thick, really comfy and very hardwearing

Smithesque Mon 23-Mar-20 19:45:58

GUMBIES slippers are comfortable and good value with very decent soles. Mine are several years old, worn daily and look good as new.

FaithInfinity Mon 23-Mar-20 19:46:05

I bought Fitflop slippers because I have plantar fasciitis. They seem very sturdy.

Blownaway22 Mon 23-Mar-20 20:30:03

Uggs. Look at their Ansley slippers - they have a good sole and are very supportive and comfortable. Worth every penny. Mine have just hit 10 year of daily wear and are only now needing replaced.

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