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Hairdressers please respond - home highlights blonde

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Bargate Mon 23-Mar-20 15:51:43

I need to bleach my short bob at home to touch up the roots.

My stylist usually just mixes together the bleach and presumably something else (?) in a dish, applies liberally it to my brown/grey roots with foils then rinses it off and conditions. She doesn't use toner or anything else, because it comes out just as I want it without it (a cool toned creamy blonde).

The hairdressers are now shut and I can't ask them directly what to buy from Sally's Beauty to do it myself at home. If any professionals have an idea please advise with thanks in advance. I just want to mix whatever it is in owl and slap it on then rinse off as they do. I'm not concerned about a polished professional result as it grows out fairly quickly, just want to 'make do and mend' during lockdown.

Thanks! :-)

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