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Retail casualties of coronavirus

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SuckingDieselFella Fri 20-Mar-20 15:41:24

Laura Ashley and Duo Boots have fallen this week.

How many other retailers will go before the end of this virus?

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KedsAndTubeSocks Fri 20-Mar-20 15:53:39

Duo? Oh no! I was hoping to get some of their boots for my massive feet & skinny calves. sad

Redcrayons Fri 20-Mar-20 16:01:47

I thought that Laura Ashley had gone a while ago, tbh.
I think Debenhams can’t keep going for much longer, they’ve been doing badly for a while.

tiredanddangerous Fri 20-Mar-20 16:05:29

I’m amazed that laura Ashley carried on for as long as they did to be honest. I agree with Debenhams too. A lot of the high street shops have been struggling...I’ve a feeling the current situation will tip a lot of them over the edge sad

SuckingDieselFella Fri 20-Mar-20 16:29:45


I'm really upset that Duo have gone. They were the best shoes and boots I've ever had.

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Floisme Fri 20-Mar-20 16:33:46

We will end up with nowhere but Amazon, and maybe Asos.

SuckingDieselFella Fri 20-Mar-20 16:47:09

Asos are in trouble too.

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MaudesMum Fri 20-Mar-20 16:47:22

There is a Duo closing down sale online, but you'd have to be really sure of your size as there'll be no exchanges (and presumably paying by credit card in case the boots don't arrive).

Redcrayons Fri 20-Mar-20 16:51:30

Wh smith maybe? They’re propped up by the airports and train stations and with no one traveling could be in trouble.

KedsAndTubeSocks Fri 20-Mar-20 17:03:11

@MaudesMum the website is offline. sad

Dozer Fri 20-Mar-20 17:05:12

Debenhams, House of Fraser

Floisme Fri 20-Mar-20 17:07:52

Asos are in trouble too.
I see you what you mean. Looks like it'll be Jeff's world then.

BarkandCheese Fri 20-Mar-20 17:12:57

I think Laura Ashley were sadly gonners with or without the virus. I remember their 80s heyday, every single mum at my sports day in their best giant skirted, puffy sleeved Laura Ashley dress channeling their inner Princess Diana.

Honestly most clothing retailers are in trouble, they’ve got the double issues of no one buying and no one manufacturing. The only two I’d put money on still trading in twelve months time are H&M and Primark because they’re so big they should be able to ride it out.

fridgepants Fri 20-Mar-20 17:23:41

Laura Ashley have been in trouble for several months.

Duo struggled after their (no doubt expensive) rebranding to Ted and Muffy.

Many others are/were in trouble before things kicked off here:

Zinnia Fri 20-Mar-20 18:53:38

Oh I'm so sad about Duo. Knew Laura Ashley were in trouble but not them. Does anyone know if Joy are in trouble? My local one is shuttered and the sign obscured, was open the last time I walked past.

SuckingDieselFella Fri 20-Mar-20 18:55:35

OP please don't spread a rumour.

It's almost as bad as spreading the virus.

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SuckingDieselFella Fri 20-Mar-20 18:56:08

Wrong thread grin

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SapphireSalute Fri 20-Mar-20 18:58:00


typicallyatypical Fri 20-Mar-20 19:05:58

I'm deluged with discount codes at the moment - probably also a sign I'm signed up to too many! - but retailers really are desperate to get our cash before we lose our jobs or are locked down more. It's like Black Friday weekend all over again..

Sickoffamilydrama Fri 20-Mar-20 20:18:45

Just had a browse on Laura Ashley after reading this thread, no wonder £300 for a wall mural now reduced to £150.
The clothes are over priced to for the level they sit on the market.

Gemma2019 Fri 20-Mar-20 20:20:58

I bought a couple of pairs on the Duoboots website today - they were doing all shoes for £30 and some Paragon boots I'd wanted for ages for £50, down from £195. I'm sad they are going but they were always just too expensive.

KedsAndTubeSocks Fri 20-Mar-20 20:45:27

I agree @Gemma2019, I kept looking at them and not quite wanting to spend 300 quid on a pair of boots that I hadn't tried on! I know you could return them but I really prefer trying shoes & boots on in the shop first.
I think a lot of the independents and smaller chains will go bust this year.

Gemma2019 Fri 20-Mar-20 21:07:28

The London shop was very odd - you used to get measured and try the boots on, then you would have to queue for ages and pay a delivery fee for them to courier the boots to you within a fortnight. I bought my second choice, nowhere near as comfortable pair as they were available within a week. Still regret that purchase!

I will miss Laura Ashley as I have bought tons of stuff there over the years. The lighting and furniture is awesome.

Bluejuicyapple Fri 20-Mar-20 21:55:19

I’ve never even heard of Duo boots.

MushroomTree Fri 20-Mar-20 22:47:02

Asos is in trouble?! What's going on with them?

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