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NOW this is EVEN MORE SERIOUS - WWW's 10 year younger six week boot camp, Week 2, Sept 07

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WideWebWitch Sun 09-Sep-07 21:29:48

Hello! This is week two of the EIGHTH WWW 10year younger boot camp of 2007

Anyone can join, we promise it works and you will feel and look better - and maybe younger - if you follow these rules.

This is about being healthy and feeling and looking better as a result. It's not a diet (although weight loss does seem to occur fairly frequently)


- Sunscreen at all times, even thought it's Sept
- No or little booze in the week. Wine at the weekend is allowed if you want it
- Walking is important, a small amount every day if possible. 30 mins if you can. Many of us have an Omron pedometer
- Lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day
- Apply body cream as often as possible
- Use hand cream/foot cream too, we recommend Flexitol, which is fantastic stuff
- Go to bed early, by 10.30pm if pos
- Eat healthily
- Be happy

The idea is that at the end of six weeks we all feel happier, healthier and glow with the good food, sleep, exercise, water and lack of sun damage.

I have been reading this book, Happiness, lessons from a new science and happiness REALLY is important you know! I will summarise if Ic an when I've finished it.

Mars Mon 10-Sep-07 00:21:31

I'm trying to eat more fruit WWW but I keep falling down when I see chocolate! sad

Will try to do this but will fail at the to bed early stage every time!

bamamama Mon 10-Sep-07 02:20:15

Hello www and all. Didn't have too extravagant weekend and finally got round to going out with ds on the bike. We both survived so I think we might head out this afternoon for an adventure! Bootcamp rules are (mostly) being adheared to. Dh is on a weightloss drive at the moment so we decided to kick start it with a week of cereal and soup so of course he announced this morning he's off for a work dinner tonight (I suspect his heart isn't in it at all) so I'm on my own with a bowl of granola. Ah well. Happy Monday morning everyone!

Sobernow Mon 10-Sep-07 08:01:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batters Mon 10-Sep-07 08:22:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Starbear Mon 10-Sep-07 08:36:09

I like this can I join in. I'm going downstairs now and see if I can do an exercise DVD with a 3year old! A small tummy will make me happy. Or should I give him breakfast first?

bagpuss Mon 10-Sep-07 10:48:46

Hello, as I said on other thread, weekend was bad but I am raring to go this week. Have done sunscreen, feet and walking already today and will hopefully manage to keep it up.

Anyone else find the weekends hard? I can't seem to stick to the rules at all when dh and the kids are around. Anyone got any tips?

SueW Mon 10-Sep-07 11:19:36

I'd like to join.

Just over 8 weeks until I have a Significant Birthday and I need to get my act together before then!

I do the sunscreen thing already (Olay with SPF15 - is that ok?)

Booze occasionally creeps in during the week but good excuse not to.

Don't have a pedometer but walk approx 30 mins daily to/from school. Will add rowing machine and go back to the gym.

I did the body cream this morning and the Flexitol last night.

Bedtime will probably make a big difference although I will be awake around 5.30am if I go to bed at 10.30. Do I have to sleep or can I read for a while?

Will eat healthy food and try to be happy. Feeling a bit stressed at the moment for lots of reasons, some of which I have no control over.

Here goes....

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Mon 10-Sep-07 11:40:09

Goodness I feel much better after a proper nights sleep. My feet still look completely hideous, so that's my task for the week.

I was intending to go running this morning as all the DCs are out - BUT it's the first time I've had the house to myself for 8 or 9 weeks and I'm just enjoying the peace & quiet too much!

Breakfast good. Coffee good. Water good. Iron tick. Sunscreen tick. Moisturiser tick.

SueW - that's a lot of walking! I'd estimate you are doing at least 15,000 steps a day. Good work!

Dinosaur Mon 10-Sep-07 11:40:53

Can someone remind me again where to get a pedometer from?


SueW Mon 10-Sep-07 12:40:51

Oh no - not that much walking!! My walking for the day totals 30 minutes! It's about 10 mins to walk from my front door to the part of the school campus where DD is at school and I walk her most of the way there & return in the morning, then walk all the way there and walk her back in the evening.

So most days I do minimum 30 mins.

Then I sit around on my wotsit all day (doiong final essay, putting together class plans and newsletter, etc) getting up only to prepare food, do housework for an hour or so.

Over the summer I put on 8lbs

batters Mon 10-Sep-07 13:21:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dinosaur Mon 10-Sep-07 13:23:05

Thanks batters smile.

Marina Mon 10-Sep-07 14:24:05

Marina crawls in having not just fallen off the wagon in recent weeks but been run over by it several times blush blush

batters Mon 10-Sep-07 14:45:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sylvev Mon 10-Sep-07 16:00:31

I'd love to join in.....need to take charge of my body etc. I've had whooping cough for the past 9 weeks!!!! Getting better but generally feeling exhausted, aching and lost my voice! I think your rules are excellent WWW and I shall start right away, well, after just one more chocolate finger, wink found them in the cupboard this morning...not many left now blush

Marina Mon 10-Sep-07 16:03:57

Oh blimey, peanut butter cheesecake (marina hurls herself under wheels of wagon again)

smugmumofboys Mon 10-Sep-07 16:15:13

Hello! Not a bad week last week on most fronts but am still too snacky. Made a Victoria sponge yesterday - the best one I've ever made actually - and have 'nibbled' it a bit today. Am going to send DH to work with it tomorrow for his department. Bought a skirt on Saturday in my usual size and it was hanging off me. Hurrah!! Someone today asked me if I'd lost weight so I must be doing something right? Also, dyed my hair yesterday so those ageing grey hairs have gone and am having a restyle next week. Gulp!!

uptomyeyes Mon 10-Sep-07 20:09:44

I'm just going to gloss over the weekend - all I can say is - I was happy.

Did well today on all fronts until I got home and then I dunked my NoNo - fat free crackers into aioli. So not quite as bad as last week, but I always was a slow starter.

TDNB - re your feet. I have been soaking mine in warm water to soften the hard bits, then rubbing flexitol in, then caking flexitol on the worst bits, then applying soft cotton wool pads to the heel and wrapping up in soft socks. I go to bed like that. Not sure DH enjoys witnessing that routine but after 1 week and to date 1 full tube of flexitol there is a major difference. I reckon this week I can use normal amounts of flexitol. (Sorry if TMI there for some )

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Mon 10-Sep-07 20:44:27

Another mum told me I'd lost loads today. <preen> I assume she meant 'weight' and not marbles or hair.grin She was a size 22 and has dropped to an 18 but can't get any smaller so she is now mad-keen to copy my post-school-drop-off runs. (It's lovely to be mistaken for a fit sporty type)!

uptomyeyes - thanks, I will try that. Otherwise I will have to get DH to chainsaw the hard bits off (but fear they may snap the blade)!

<pulls Marina out from under wagon and offers her first pick of our virtual fruit bowl.

prufrock Mon 10-Sep-07 21:04:25

Oh you can tell it's Monday - I've got beginning-of-the-week-perfectionitis.

Sunscreen at all times, even thought it's Sept check
- No or little booze check
- Walking is important, a small amount every day if possible. check - round trip to school (40 minutes) and dog walk. Ok all were with kids so more ambles than sprints, but I also did 30 minutes mixed cardio in the gym and actually pushed myself
- Lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day check , well only 1.5 so far, but still drinking so will get there by bedtime
- Apply body cream check, again, will by bedtime
- Use hand cream/foot cream check
- Go to bed early, by 10.30pm if pos. Will do
- Eat healthily. Granola, Sushi, chicken breast with cous-cous and low fat yog/onion/coriander, nectarine, 4 cups coffee
- Be happy check

Marina Mon 10-Sep-07 21:05:49

Oooh, thanks DoNB, mine's a kumquat wink

prufrock Mon 10-Sep-07 21:09:34

It's lovely to get compliments isn't it Duch. Welcome back Marina. I reckon one slice of cheesecake, at the weekend, on a special occasion, is allowed.

batters Mon 10-Sep-07 21:16:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch Mon 10-Sep-07 22:16:59

Hello all and welcome back to another Monday in WWW's boot camp. Right!

Mars, missing just one bit is ok, if you do even 70% of this you'll feel better I reckon

Bamamama, well done on sticking to most of it. You're in Australia now aren't you? Lovely to see you!

Sobernow, good, good re early bed. Hope you got there in time

Batters, good to hear about the slpee and the chin, fab stuff.

Hello Starbear, welcome.

Bagpuss, I find weekends hard too (and weeks sometimes if I'm honest), dh is a baaaaad influence on me. So, no, no tips. Mine does things like make lovely cakes. AND buy them. AND say 'shall we have a take way?' - I know, the answer's NO but I never say it.

Hello SueW me old mucker, welcome. WIll you be 40? Eeek. 30 mins total all day is good. If you don't NEED to sleep at 10.30, don't. You sound as if you don't. If I aim for 10.30 I might just be asleep by 11, which I reall yneed in the week with 6am starts. Sorry you're stressed, anythng we can help with?

DofN, ooh, lovely, a house all quiet to yourself, bliss! Don't blame you for not running. And what a lovely compliment too.

DINO, I HAVE A SPARE MORON, do you want it? I lost mine so bought another but I don't need two and obv, once I bought the second I found the first, that's sod's law. I can post it if you want it or drop it in London somewhere, email me.

Marina, that bloody wagon ran me over too. Peanut butter cheesecake sounds delicious.

Sylvev, welcome. You're allowed chocolate sometimes!

smugmumofboys, wow at hanging off you skirt, how lovely!

uptomyeyes, ewww but ooh at feet routine and lol at fat free/aoili combination.

Prufrock, very well done, thanks for your house price stuff on other thread. We're going to wait rather than buy v lovely but flooded house. Too scary.

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