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Best anti ageing serum ?

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Lardlizard Tue 17-Mar-20 13:10:21

Need to order some

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Barkingfuckingdogs Tue 17-Mar-20 13:20:35

Well, retinol and tret are the only proven anti ageing potions out there. Is that what you're after?

Lardlizard Tue 17-Mar-20 13:28:37

I was thinking something more like esteelauderas dont jlfancy something where you can’t go in the sun much

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Stumpedasatree Tue 17-Mar-20 13:45:00

I like the Lidl Cien one.

Barkingfuckingdogs Tue 17-Mar-20 16:11:40

Well the sun is pretty much the most ageing thing there is, so it's counter productive to go in it anyway. You can't sunbathe and then hope for a miracle with a serum! If only!!!!

Lardlizard Tue 17-Mar-20 16:34:25

No I don’t sun bathe anymore, but I thought you couldn’t go in the sun much at all with retinol

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Deathraystare Wed 18-Mar-20 12:59:42

Use retinol at night, sunblock in the morning.

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