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How to achieve long lasting nail polish

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Woeisme99 Sat 14-Mar-20 09:09:26

Hi, try as I might to home manicure with good quality polish, top coat etc my nails never last more than 2 days without chipping.

I HATE having professional manicures, can't bear the cuticle pushing etc, makes me feel sick (weird I know!)

My nails are good and strong and grow like buggery. Would I be better having a weekly file and polish at a salon, or would shellac or similar last longer and not ruin my nails? Very inexperienced due to hatred of manicures as above, but desperate to look a bit more polished! Thanks in advance.

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BubblesBuddy Sat 14-Mar-20 09:27:58

I go to a salon every 2-3 weeks and my polish rarely chips. 2 weeks should be fine. It’s OPI all the way for me! I don’t have a manicure. Just care for your nails yourself and get a professional polish and top coat. My DDs go for shellac. It’s quicker and they go every 2-3 weeks as well. Pale colours show growth less.

BemidjiMinnesota Sat 14-Mar-20 17:02:07

I find that having a good base coat makes a world of difference. Make sure your nails are clean and dry (no hand cream or anything) then apply this Orly Bonder Base Coat which has a weird rubbery effect so your nail varnish sticks onto it easily. Finish with a gel nail effect top coat and your nails should last 5-7 days.

My nails are really strong too but shellac absolutely destroys them. It took months for them to recover after my last shellacking; they went really thin and weak.

ForeverRedSkinhead Sat 14-Mar-20 17:12:49

Push back your cuticles , wipe your nail clean with nail polish remover on a cotton bud , apply a good base coat (cuccio high gloss is good and cheap) , apply thin coats of the colour , apply a quick dry top coat (again cuccio make a good one). Don't touch anything for 30 minutes to an hour if you can help it

I did my nails a week ago and aside from growth and wear at the tips they're holding up well.

ForeverRedSkinhead Sat 14-Mar-20 17:15:58

Sorry , the base coat isn't high gloss...the top coat is.

AccountAntsy Sat 14-Mar-20 17:17:11

Essie Gel Effect polish and top coat are brilliant for me. I get nearly a week out of a nail painting now, where it used to be more like 2 days because I’m quite tough on my nails.

happygertie Sat 14-Mar-20 17:29:30

Make sure your polish and top coat go over the tips of your nails, this can stop chipping. Also using a gel effect top coat can help too as it's a bi thicker.

BestIsWest Sat 14-Mar-20 19:07:31

Maybelline SuperStay 7 days is really long lasting. I’m rubbish with nail varnish but I’ve had it on since last Sunday and it’s barely chipped.

chickenninja Sat 14-Mar-20 19:13:29

Seche Vite Professional Top Coat from Amazon.... just bought this a week ago and it's absolutely brilliant. Changed my nail game forever smile

TheWordmeister Sat 14-Mar-20 19:57:14

My nails last for at least two weeks. I only re-do them because of the new growth at the base.

I use a base coat, 3 layers of varnish and a top coat. I only use Essie or Jessica but use Sally Hansen Double Duty for base and top coat. I have tried all the other top coats - Seche Vite, Orly, Essie, Dior... but Sally Hansen is the best for me.

BubblesBuddy Sun 15-Mar-20 08:46:42

Or go to a salon! Far more choice of colours.

CoolcoolcoolcoolcoolNoDoubt Sun 15-Mar-20 09:04:30

Gel nails all the way! Just ask the salon not to do a full manicure, just a file and shape. I go every three weeks. Won’t damage your nails unless you remove them improperly.

CoolcoolcoolcoolcoolNoDoubt Sun 15-Mar-20 09:05:15

Meant to add that you don’t have to sit around for ages whilst your nails dry either which I love.

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