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Cleaning makeup brushes

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Purplecatshopaholic Thu 12-Mar-20 23:37:29

What do you use that works? I know it’s a first world problem, but I need a good brush cleaner - anyone use anything they recommend? (Soap, gel, etc doesn’t get the makeup out sufficiently so looking to buy an actual brush cleaner, unless anyone has a tip for something else that works?)

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1vandal2 Thu 12-Mar-20 23:49:29

Rubbed on my hand with warm water and baby shampoo mixed in the sink is what works great for me. Rinse well with cold water. Use a few drops directly on brush head if step one doesn't work

Honeybee85 Thu 12-Mar-20 23:55:23

I clean mine with handsoap and lukewarm water.
The handsoap kills germs so I convinced myself it will kill bacterias in my make up brushes as well 😅. Perhaps not for everyone as it might give some allergic reactions but for me it works so far.
I believe the ‘official advice’ is to use baby shampoo. When you dry them, hang them upside down so the water doesn’t ruin the glue.

NowWhatUsernameShallIHave Thu 12-Mar-20 23:56:54

I use Johnson’s baby shampoo

WeeM Thu 12-Mar-20 23:59:28

I’ve tried baby shampoo and fairy liquid but it just doesn’t work well on mine-leaves slight clogged up bits in the bristles. I absolutely cannot see past the MAC one, it’s amazing, my brush comes out like new. Yes it’s £12 but it lasts months (I clean my foundation one about once a fortnight). I have tried other cheaper ones and they just don’t work the same.

Wildthyme Fri 13-Mar-20 00:01:28

I use anything to hand, washing up liquid shampoo, hand wash.

Clean them at least once a week, wet them one at a time, washing stuff in palm of hand swirl brush head and scrub into palm, rinse and repeat. Next brush and so on. Use warm water, not hot as hot can melt the glue holding the bristles into the ferrule.

andmeee Fri 13-Mar-20 00:03:45

Hand soap or shampoo and hot water is the best thing to use, rinse until the water runs clear. Anti bac sprays don't penetrate the whole brush and don't break down the dirt. This is what I was taught when I did an MUA course smile

lashy Fri 13-Mar-20 00:12:45

I put a small squirt of Fairy washing up liquid (the blue anti-bac Eucalyptus one) into a mug, add very hot water and give each brush a good swish about. I never leave the brushes standing in the water and, after the initial swishing, add a little cold water so I can use my fingers to gently rub the brushes to loosen any build up which hasn't so far come free (regularly completely refreshing the water). Give them a good rinse, squeeze the excess water off and leave on a sheet of kitchen roll to air dry. I do this with a full set of Dior make up brushes which I've owned for approx 10yrs and they are still like new.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Fri 13-Mar-20 00:20:16


Pumpkintopf Fri 13-Mar-20 02:03:43

I have the real techniques brush cleaner but tbh the best thing I've used is the nip and fab cleanser - gets the brushes back to looking like new.

Purplecatshopaholic Fri 13-Mar-20 12:55:42

Fab, thanks all

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UsernameUnknownn Fri 13-Mar-20 12:56:54

I use real techniques brush cleaner and a silicone brush cleaning pad. Works fab

Oswin Fri 13-Mar-20 13:03:31

Cinema secrets brush cleaner is the best cleaner I have ever used. Pricey but it's worth it.

Destinesia Fri 13-Mar-20 18:36:43

Micellar water

heaveho Fri 13-Mar-20 18:44:56

I use the Stylpro brush cleaner. It dries the brush as well so you can use it straight away

Bananaman123 Fri 13-Mar-20 20:43:06

Stylpro is the best thing ive bought

Wolfgirrl Fri 13-Mar-20 20:46:39

Rub the brush over a bar of soap (whilst running the hot tap). You can see all the old make up and crap come off, v satisfying smile

BunnytheBee Fri 13-Mar-20 21:43:15

I like baby shampoo, hand soap or any other shampoo actually.

If I have a bar soap on the go then I’ll use that. Works v well on beauty blender sponges too!

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