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Best shampoo to remove build up

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hopeishere Thu 12-Mar-20 19:10:47

I've got product / conditioner build up on my hair - tried Vosene but it's not working. Any other suggestions?

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Chesterfuckingdrorrs Thu 12-Mar-20 19:18:20

Fairy liquid! I use it if I have awful product build up, it's works a charm but is drying so I usually follow with a decent conditioner.

PanamaPattie Thu 12-Mar-20 20:26:03

Neutrogena anti residue shampoo. Use it once a week.

TroysMammy Thu 12-Mar-20 20:29:02

I used bicarbonate of soda dissolved in warm water when I switched from liquid shampoo to SLS free shampoo bar. However I imagine it would strip out dye.

McDougal Thu 12-Mar-20 20:30:18

I've recently been sent OGX Apple cider vinegar shampoo and conditioner to review and they're both fantastic for removing build up. I go through a lot of dry shampoo and it has no problems shifting it.

paperpens Thu 12-Mar-20 20:36:57

Fairy Liquid
And it leaves my hair really soft and shiny
I've also recently started using baby shampoo along with normal conditioner to avoid excessive build up. I have fine hair but it's really thick.

Plump82 Thu 12-Mar-20 20:40:27

Bicarb of soda. Make sure you condition well after as it is drying. I've also just bought a head and shoulders miscellor water shampoo and its great!

ww123 Thu 12-Mar-20 21:04:31

Paul Mitchell Shampoo 3. As with all shampoos of this type, it can be quite drying, so extra conditioning required.
I use it about every two months to 'strip' product build up.
Love the smell too.

Bippertyboo2 Fri 13-Mar-20 14:11:58

I've had great results with Mane 'n' Tail Gentle Clarifying shampoo, I don't need to use conditioner after it and it leaves my hair really soft. Even better, it's cruelty free

Geppili Fri 13-Mar-20 14:58:15

Neutrogena every time.

Wolfgirrl Fri 13-Mar-20 15:00:38

Yep fairy liquid, or any dish soap. Leaves my hair feeling like light silk! Works better then any other clarifying shampoo I've used.

MellowMelly Fri 13-Mar-20 15:24:24

Baby shampoo. I only realised by accident when I grabbed it to wash my hair as it was the nearest shampoo in reach. My hair was amazing afterwards!

superisha Fri 13-Mar-20 15:29:32

And if you have newly coloured hair, is fairy liquid still okay to use?

CallaLilli Fri 13-Mar-20 16:19:03

Baby shampoo has very mild cleansing agents so it isn't really removing residue, despite your hair feeling softer afterwards. Boots used to do a decent clarifying shampoo for about £4 or you could try a cider vinegar rinse after shampooing - 1 part ACV to 2 parts water.

Bloodhoundgang Fri 13-Mar-20 20:36:45

Boots clarifying shampoo. It's fantastic. I'd be inclined to try fairy liquid if you can't find it.

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Fri 13-Mar-20 20:55:22

Klorane mint shampoo. Takes away all residue and smells like a mojito.

mommybear1 Fri 13-Mar-20 21:20:28

@superisha no I've been advised by my hairdresser that baby shampoo is colour stripping so I would not recommend it on newly coloured hair

Girlintheframe Fri 13-Mar-20 21:54:06

Paul Mitchel Clarifying shampoo. Reasonably priced, lathers well and doesn't leave my hair feeling 'squeaky' which I hate

Ponks Fri 13-Mar-20 22:33:19

I use Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo or Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo. The latter is brilliant but £££

Nyctophyllia Sun 15-Mar-20 08:19:59

Another vote for washing up liquid, its amazing

Icecreamdiva Sun 15-Mar-20 14:01:44

Decades ago a hairdresser recommended mixing your normal shampoo 50/50 with vodka to remove product build up. I didn’t drink at the time so bought a bottle especially.

I can testify that works very well indeed. I don’t need to do it very often so that original bottle is still going strong. It lives in the bathroom which has provoked some comments over the years and it has so far seen me through 3 house moves.

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