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Anyone having problems with Kat Von D/ KVD Vegan Beauty? Order not arrived, no one helping!

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pinkyredrose Wed 11-Mar-20 09:47:47

As the title says, I'm being totally ignored by KVD Beauty. I made a couple of orders a few weeks ago, one arrived with an item missing , the other order says it's passed customs at Heathrow but it's been saying that for over a wk! I messaged the courier who said they haven't received it and that it's still at Heathrow.

I've messaged KVD Beauty four times and I've had zero response. Can anyone help me with what to do next? Is there any way of finding out who the managers etc are so that i could email them directly? I'm worried the order at Heathrow will be returned if it's not sorted soon.

Hope someone can help, tia!

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