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Comfy thongs

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fourpointfive Mon 09-Mar-20 14:41:25

Do they exist?! And can somebody please point me in the right direction if they do?

Never been one for wearing them, but fed up of worrying about VPL under leggings at the gym. Looking for something cotton and comfy above everything.

Any recommendations please?

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WineGetsMeThroughIt Mon 09-Mar-20 15:15:17

I love the M&S no VPL thongs. They're not cotton - they're a satiny type of material but super comfy. I find with thongs (and most underwear to be honest) that if I buy them a few sizes too big then they don't dig in and they're very comfortable. I must own 25+ of the M&S No VPL thongs. I'm a size 10 but buy them in a 16, and they really don't feel too big at all. Just not tight. Try sizing up 👍🏻

SlimGin Mon 09-Mar-20 15:25:35

I came on to say M&S no VPL thongs too. I didn't size up, got 3 pairs in either an 8 or 10 (my size) and they are so so comfy, definitely will be buying more.

thedevilinablackdress Mon 09-Mar-20 15:25:45

I recommend not giving a thought to VPL. Much comfier.

Wonkybanana Mon 09-Mar-20 15:58:20

I also size up, but only from an 8 to a 12. Mine are a mixture of M&S cotton ones (I don't think they're the ones PPs have mentioned) and Primark cotton ones. Neither of them have cheese wire backs, so they're very comfy.

Srictlybakeoff Mon 09-Mar-20 16:00:22

Fantasie ones - sized up. Not cotton but no tiny string. You can find them much reduced from normal price online

WhateverHappenedToBathPearls Mon 09-Mar-20 16:10:49

Another vote for M&S no VPL thongs (though not cotton). I size up by 1 size.

fourpointfive Mon 09-Mar-20 16:14:03

Thanks all, seems like a trip to M&S will be needed smile

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QueenOfOversharing Mon 09-Mar-20 16:58:56

I love Gap ones that are lace across hips & cotton gusset bit (eeeeew "gusset" 🤢). They don't dig in to my chubby hips or chafe my arse crack. I wear thongs every day.

JoyceTempleSavage Mon 09-Mar-20 17:00:07

Jack wills of all places. Go a size up lovely cotton

MrsApplepants Mon 09-Mar-20 22:20:53

Daily thong wearer, I just wear M&S cotton things, 2 sizes up.

bringbananas Mon 09-Mar-20 22:25:52

I love mine by 'hanky panky'. They aren't cheap, but they last for years, and I love the colours. I don't wear anything else.

QueenOfOversharing Mon 09-Mar-20 22:28:57

@bringbananas have you tried Cosabella too? I'm not skinny, and my Cosabella ones are a bit more stretchy. And the bralettes are lovely too.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Mon 09-Mar-20 22:42:48

I wear M&$ Brazilian knickers, which are a kind of a cross between a thong and proper pants. I only wear black underwear, and have them in various lace, cotton, modal, whatever, usually in the “knicker deal” which is now four for the price of three. I’m a 10/12, and get a 12.

StarlightLady Tue 10-Mar-20 13:50:31

In spite of its reputation of being super soft and natural, cotton can actually be quite rough to the body and lacks stretch. I wear the M&S microfibre thongs and go one size up. If you try them, I think you will be surprised.

Otherwise, try the Brazilians, l wear both (not at the sane time!) and have very little else.

fourpointfive Tue 10-Mar-20 17:38:20

Thanks again everyone. M&S seem to be highly recommended (and the shop is also very convenient for me!) so stopped there on my way home today and picked some of the microfibre no VPL ones up, a size bigger than usual. Going to try them tomorrow and then check out some of the other recommendations if needed.

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thisenglishlife Tue 10-Mar-20 17:51:13

M&S no VPL bikini briefs are better than their thong equivalents (and more comfortable to boot).

Standandwait Tue 10-Mar-20 18:27:19

Assuming your leggings are normal thickness no one should be able to tell if you skip pants altogether? Since you'll have to wash the leggings anyway?

StarlightLady Wed 11-Mar-20 05:46:05

@Standandwait - I don’t generally wear knix with leggings (Primark do nice ones with a double gusset, which doesn’t show and no centre seam).

Likewise with M&S Autograph Seamfree tights; no centre seam and a “proper” cotton gusset. They stop up better that way too, because they adhere to the body. No slip sliding!

Fairylea Wed 11-Mar-20 06:22:16

Go the other way and wear full briefs under your leggings. Much more comfortable and no one will see the seams as they don’t go across your cheeks!

StarlightLady Wed 11-Mar-20 07:19:07

@Fairylea - ‘All sounds too bulky! Plus I can’t see why seams (and more) won’t show?

OP - Having recommended something, Let us know how you get on with your purchases.

Fairylea Wed 11-Mar-20 07:39:15

Because the seams of full pants don’t go across your bum cheeks - they encompass the whole arse area grin The seams go along the natural crease of where your bum ends and your legs begin, so there’s no line.

We are all different but I can’t imagine wearing thongs to the gym. Sounds like a form of torture!

Silverstreaks Wed 11-Mar-20 07:43:51

Definitely size up for thongs.
Brazilian are good halfway house.
M&S or Sainsbury's do great no VPL knickers/shorts.

RogueV Wed 11-Mar-20 07:47:26

Full on short briefs here

I didn’t realise people still wore thongs they’re very 80s

fourpointfive Wed 11-Mar-20 10:17:20

Little update on the M&S ones for anyone who's interested - wore them to the gym this morning, left at 5am so currently on 5 hours wear if that's relevant (obviously not all at the gym). Actually quite surprised at how comfy they are, didn't notice them at all at the gym though that may have been the distracting killer leg workout or anytime afterwards. So far, so good.

Thanks again for all the recommendations smile

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