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Hari and the gang

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Bloodhoundgang Sat 07-Mar-20 13:44:23

They keep coming up on my Facebook and Instagram feed. I do like the look of their hoodies for adults and kids.
Has anyone bought from there and what is the sizing like?? I'm wary of hoodies entirely because of Superdry experiences where despite the size guide if you don't size up at least 2 sizes you won't get an arm in??
Many thanks.

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Danar89 Tue 10-Mar-20 14:42:25

Hi, good quality and really comfy but definitely need to size up, more so for the length as they are short.

Girlintheframe Tue 10-Mar-20 21:43:25

I've got a couple of there hoodies. Good value and keep their shape well

HerRoyalNotness Tue 10-Mar-20 21:47:09

Really cosy. I’m 5’7, 165lbs and have a Medium with a little room in it still

Bloodhoundgang Tue 10-Mar-20 23:21:49

Thank you very much. I'll maybe try medium too then. They do look super comfortable.

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