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Clothing for adults with sensory issues.

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AnUnlikelyWorldofInvisibleShad Sat 07-Mar-20 12:29:01

So I'm hoping someone can recommend some clothes for me. I currently live in 3 pairs of soft jersey cord leggings from sainsburys with loose sweatshirt style tops or long sleeve Jersey t shirts. I have a loose Jersey shirt dress that is very comfortable and a couple of dresses that are fitted round the bust and flare out underneath. I can tolerate those for a few hours. I hate underwear, I have tried so many styles and sizes of knickers and nothing is comfortable and bras irritate me. The straps on my shoulders and the band round the back are so uncomfortable and I try to avoid underwire where I can because that's awful. I cant cope with tight waistbands on my clothes or buttons on Jean's or scratchy itchy fabric. In summer I wear soft Jersey jumpsuits and dresses with loose or no waistband. I have to wear longer length tops as I cant cope with pulling them down continually. Bodysuits are great because they dont ride up. Oh I also have some lucy and yak dungarees for summer which are great. But what else can I try? I am so bored with my clothes.
Has anyone tried the Seasalt easy on clothing?

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OverMy Sat 07-Mar-20 12:36:22

Seamless big or possibly short style knickers and bra tops might suit you.

Pinafores? Loose shift dresses or cocoon shape dresses might be good. What are you dressing for? Better quality fabrics cost more but last longer and look smarter.

Pull on ponte skinny trousers might work, smarter than leggings but similar feel on.

Don’t know if the neck would annoy you but this looks like a good shape

AnUnlikelyWorldofInvisibleShad Sat 07-Mar-20 13:15:17

I mainly need casual type clothes for running around after the kids in.
I think pinafores might well be good and I'm going to look up some ponte trousers. I suspect the neckline on that dress might irritate me but I like the loose shape of it.

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WhataCant Sat 07-Mar-20 15:14:53

Have you tried Molke bras? They’re very soft and stretchy

GreenTulips Sat 07-Mar-20 15:17:03

M& S have a lot of jersey shift dresses at £20 each

OverMy Sat 07-Mar-20 16:45:02

Very comfy can layer under it with leggings top or tights

Pinafores are good. Versatile.

Writersblock2 Sat 07-Mar-20 17:16:24

Hi OP. I have the same issue. I’ve found a couple of places that do clothes that don’t cause me any issues.

As a pp mentioned, Molke is the best for bras. They are fantastic and so comfy (once you get used to them. Stretch them out by hand to get them on the first few times).

For the rest, Hush is my go-to for tops. I live in their Jersey tops for work and they wash well. Their harem pants are good too.

Saint and Sofia do really comfy bottoms.

Both of the above are kind of pricey but for the most part I find the clothes wash well and last.

Writersblock2 Sat 07-Mar-20 17:17:49

Oh, and my favourite knickers are M&S five packs of maxi briefs (they come in varying patterns). Give full coverage without looking like Granny pants, and very soft.

OverMy Sat 07-Mar-20 17:35:22

These might be worth a look

Hush Harems are good. Mine are now done after about 6 years of much wear.

AnUnlikelyWorldofInvisibleShad Sat 07-Mar-20 19:15:44

I'm so glad I posted this question. The replies on here are excellent. I love the Saint and Sofia trousers. They look perfect for me. Soft, comfortable but reasonably smart. I have ordered some to try. They're pretty expensive so I cant afford anything else but I'm making a list on my phone of other suggestions.

I particularly like the look of the zero feel sloggi underwear. I have tried molke and I do like them but still can find them quite constricting at times.

I really like the cocoon dress overmy but I think it might be too big for me unfortunately. It's a shape for me to look out for though.

Some of the M&S dresses look ideal so I will be looking at them again in a few weeks as well.

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AnUnlikelyWorldofInvisibleShad Tue 10-Mar-20 21:45:58

My trousers from Saint and Sofia arrived today. They are absolutely perfect. So soft and comfortable. I also took the liberty of ordering some tops from bamboo so I'm pretty skint now but they are amazing also. They are very soft and longer length so wont need pulling down constantly and I have a hoodie which is extremely light and I can barely feel I'm wearing it. All the clothes are like wearing pyjamas but smarter. Now to tackle underwear in a few weeks.

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Sadik Tue 10-Mar-20 22:01:27

The Saint & Sofia clothes look amazing Writersblock2. I used to wear Sloggi double comfort crop tops, but I found the band still quite tight. It does depend how you're built but I find very soft lace bralets like these much more comfortable.

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