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yummy mummies - I'm jealous!

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chankins Thu 06-Sep-07 21:26:34

Do yummy mummies make you sick ? How the hell do they do it ? Are there any of you out there ? I need to know! Have 3 Dc, youngest only 4 mo, so maybe bein bit hard on self, but keep catchin sight of self in shop windows and wanting to cry! Where did the old me go ?! Have got a good stone of baby weight to shift before can get into old clothes - clothes are just a nightmare anyway ! Why do I still look like a scruffy student when nearly 30? Wud love to look sleek and groomed and feel attractive again, but where do yummy mummies find the time? !

superalienstitch Thu 06-Sep-07 21:37:07

they have partners who do a lot of the stuff at home. and they prioritise their looks.
so dinner will be fishfingers and chips from the freezer most weeknights, partneres meal will be a readymeal, but they will have perfect nails because they spent the hour doing them.
same with hair andmakeup. done every monring, whilst either someone else does parenting type stuff, or it's not done.
or they get no sleep. one of my friends frfom school falls into the first category. another into the second. she has two dc, but was up at four every monring, having slept at 1 or 2, trying to maintain the yummy mummy with perfect house and home look. she was very stressed until her youngest went to full time. (and she had four eyars age gap!)

malfoy Thu 06-Sep-07 21:40:16

I'd love to believe you superalien but I do all the things you mention (ie the ready meals, fish fingers, no sleep, etc) and yet look like a slob.

malfoy Thu 06-Sep-07 21:40:25

I'd love to believe you superalien but I do all the things you mention (ie the ready meals, fish fingers, no sleep, etc) and yet look like a slob.

chankins Thu 06-Sep-07 21:41:25

I do wonder - cos me and all my friends with kids try hard but no way look as good as we once did! Same with my sisters - we are always moaning, but can't seem to find the time to make more of ourselves. So if I really want to have straightened hair and nice make up next thurs when my first dc starts school I'll have to get up at dawn! Does anyone out there think they manage to look good and still get everything done at home ?

superalienstitch Thu 06-Sep-07 21:43:47

lol, so did i, so did i!
but, i've been told i look better now. and the reason? kids are older, so need less seeing to. yongest dc starts reception this week . dh working fromhome, so physically in the house a lot more.
so i can now do my nails, and make sure my clothes are also clean, not just the kids. sometimes i now even iron them grin but i definitly looked like a slob for three straight years. and even now have slobby days when i just dont see thepoint of getting all dressed up just to go out for the school 4run. blush
and my kids love fishfingers. wink

superalienstitch Thu 06-Sep-07 21:46:53

chankins, prioritise. is it soo mega important to have straihgt hair? because my first friend thought so, and did wake up at dawn to do so, (althought she doesnt have as much hair, and it would only take her ten to fifteen minutes. me, it would take 40to 50 minutes) second friend i mentioned, eventually went off and had her's chemically straightened. as have i. it's the only way for me to look groomed. spent years with it tied n a ponytail, not using a brush for days on end. blush

francagoestohollywood Thu 06-Sep-07 21:50:30

can you really get your hair chemically straightened?

chankins Thu 06-Sep-07 21:53:56

Interesting - did not know was possible to have hair chemically straightened! Might consider this, but sometimes like it curly and messy - I know its not important really, and I will have more time to look good in yrs to come - but don't you just hate it sometimes when you see those perfect looking mums with the nails and hair and nice clothes ? I want to go up to them and say are you real ?! Think I'm just goin thru a post-baby hormonal blip, I'm jus a sick covered, bum wiping, buggy pushing frump! grin Also, is it poss to get your sex drive back after 3 kids ?!! Think it wud help if I thought i was fanciable, but starting to feel v sorry for dh!

superalienstitch Thu 06-Sep-07 21:56:21

two different methods. one cost me 65 pounds, but i have very long, thick hair. calle extenso, isnt as flat as i would like though, but definitlye made it sleeker, and reduced straitening time to ten minutes for mefor going out occasions.
second method is the japanese yucot. i had it done in pakistan. cost about 130 pounds. took 11 hours, but my hair is flatter than a squashed pancake. wash, conditoin, comb, and it looks mega megamega groommed. fantastic. lasts as long as it takes to grow out. just like a perm in fact.
i have been quoted 150 pounds by a place to ave it doen here in london. i would definitly recommend it.

superalienstitch Thu 06-Sep-07 21:58:26

careful chankins. remember what got you into this state in the first place?
sex with three kids around should be placed far far far away on a back burner somewehre. and definitly notbe allowed out until he has the snip. grin
i used to feel envious of those mummies. but now that i know i am not always a slob, i think they are sad, and need to get a life.

sheepgirl Thu 06-Sep-07 22:07:41

I was sitting in a pub with a very good friend of mine (who doesn't have children) and she called me a yummy mummy. I had never heard the expression before (having only recently become a mum...babs is 6 mths old). So when I found out after asking a friend what it meant I was really happy until I realised my friend must be challenged in the sight department as when we met up I was wearing my favourite saggy jog pants (can't get into pre-pregancy clothes yet and lets face it comfort before vanity at the mo)no make-up, hair was doing some kind of just climbed out of a bush thing and I had a attractive baby puke stain down the black top I was wearing. Aaaah but don't we all need mates like that

chankins Thu 06-Sep-07 22:07:53

Yes I know - but hubby already thinks I only want him for sex when I want a baby!!! Need to convince him I do actually still love and fancy him, I just can't bear the thought of any you-know-what! Feel like a freak cos all my friends have sex while pregnant (another no no for me) and jump straight back in sack once they've had baby. Keep going to bed before dh, leaving him downstairs, promising myself that tommor I will wake up transformed into a beautiful, sexy lustful wife! Can't see it happenin tho

superalienstitch Thu 06-Sep-07 22:11:48

chankins, you need to be happy with what you have chosen. which sis to be a good mother to the kids you ahve at righ tnow.
should you choose to priorites looks over that, then fine, it can be done. but dont burden yourseelf with guilt tryng to be everything to everyone. be true to yourself. that's more important

chankins Thu 06-Sep-07 22:21:27

Thanks superalienstitch - I know it really, jus having ugly day! Hope he'll hang in there for me.

DarthVader Fri 07-Sep-07 15:12:35

Yummies have massive budgets and lots of support with childcare and housework eg Jemima Khan etc

bluejelly Fri 07-Sep-07 15:43:29

I know a 'yummy mummy'. She is seriously fked up and unhappy, but presents a beautifully groomed front.
Things aren't always as they seem

AufishFeQueen Fri 07-Sep-07 16:07:53

There is a yummy mummy at school and she is also very messed up and is carrying on behind her husband's back. Being a yummy mummy is not all it's cracked up to be.

cardy Fri 07-Sep-07 16:10:59

What's your definition of a 'yummy mummy'? Just someone with children who looks nice or is there more to it than that?

bluejelly Fri 07-Sep-07 16:14:21

Someone who's incredibly well groomed and seems to be coping marvellously with it all

bluejelly Fri 07-Sep-07 16:14:34

The opposite of me!

cardy Fri 07-Sep-07 16:17:19

I have lots of friends who dress nicely, where make-up, have nice hair and have two or more children. I don't think that they are different to anybody else. Perhaps they just have some clever time-savings methods of looking so good?

Fimbo Fri 07-Sep-07 16:26:34

There is a mum of one of the girl's at my dd's school who is always really glam - dressed to the nines, drives a sports car and generally looks like she has stepped out of the pages of Vogue. Anyway given her own appearance I thought she would live in a house that would be dressed in the same sort of way - anyway we have recently moved beside her and lo and behold she has <<<shudders>>> net curtains, which are not even hanging straight and look like they need a good soaking in "glowhite".

cardy Fri 07-Sep-07 16:34:12

I think the difference is that they don't look 'glam' or drive flash cars, they are pretty ordinary - mustn't be yummy mummys then.

lornaloo Fri 07-Sep-07 16:35:40

There rich.

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