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Flesh & Blood - Natalie’s dress

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Tafelberg Thu 05-Mar-20 23:11:47

Anyone been watching Flesh & Blood? In the third episode, Lydia Leonard’s character Natalie was wearing a gorgeous red/coral sleeveless maxi/midi dress with a white pattern at the party. I’ve attached pictures of the top part of the dress, looks like a heart print. They didn’t show the bottom too clearly but it was quite long, possibly with a dipped hem at the back. Anyone know where it’s from please?

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Minkyscamp Fri 06-Mar-20 06:57:40

I don't know where the dress was from, but following because I loved it too. Loved most of her clothes in that programme- she had several beautiful fitted v neck blouses/tops.

Tafelberg Fri 06-Mar-20 10:05:15

Well I found it - Lydia Leonard actually replied to a comment I posted on her Instagram asking about it blush saying it was from Maje - this is it:

Unfortunately looks like it's sold out everywhere though and can't find it on Ebay. Gutted! @Minkyscamp I totally agree about her clothes in the show, I loved loads of the items she wore.

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