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Another one asking for help...

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wonderrotunda Thu 05-Mar-20 04:50:01

Perhaps just look around on Pinterest and see what look appeals or ASOS
I think these clothes look good, they’re not cheap but they are well made and the colours might make you feel good?

Honeybee85 Thu 05-Mar-20 04:40:21

I am sorry for your situation OP.
Make sure to look after your health 🌸

Re style: I would start by asking myself what colours make me happy and would suit me?
For example: I love green. It makes me happy and it matches nicely with my eye and hair color.
I am a SAHM so I need clothes that are practical and a bit comfortable. So from that point of view I can for example shop for a comfortable emerald green merino wool cardigan.

Perhaps this example gives you can idea on how you can start?

mathanxiety Thu 05-Mar-20 04:27:40

I would visit your GP first. Depression often comes with a diagnosis like T2 diabetes.

How long have you been married? When did you last work? Is there any way of getting back to it or would you be able to do an Open University course just to give you something interesting in your life? Are there any volunteering opportunities that would take you out of the house and into circulation?

As far as your style goes - identifying it and developing it - try to see the glass half full rather than the glass half empty. It looks as if you like black. Maybe make that your thing? Black doesn't necessarily mean dreary or boring.

livinontheveg Thu 05-Mar-20 00:12:33

I'm early 60's, very overweight with a raft of health issues including now having developed diabetes T2, which feels like the final straw.

I believe I began to gain weight following multiple miscarriages, but also due to mounting realisation that my marriage hasn't been great and looking back I feel like it was a big mistake. We live like housemates, which suits me as I've no feelings left, but also depresses me if that makes sense. I have no income of my own, no family nearby, no friends to speak of as live in semi-rural area without transport. Not feeling sorry for myself, just telling it like it is.

I read in magazines and hear on the radio/tv about such-and-such a person's style, and have no idea what mine is if I even have one. How do you identify your style? What do you do if you don't have one?

Day-to-day I just wear pants and t-shirt type top worn under a cardy or jumper - I don't go anywhere as there's nowhere to go, and no one comes to visit so my default is comfy. I haven't worn make-up for years but do go to a little village salon to get my hair cut and coloured regularly and my nails done. But my wardrobe consists of black pants, half a dozen t-shirts, some tunic tops, a few jumpers and mostly all black shoes. Dreary and boring, to be sure.

Suspect I've probably been depressed for a while now and just want to feel better but don't know how to go about it so (kind) suggestions or tips welcome.


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