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Do you have a toast promo code?!

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teaandcake246 Wed 04-Mar-20 12:06:08

I’ve tried a few that I found online but they didn’t work. The prices look as though they’re designed to work with promo codes!

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baileysandamincepie Wed 04-Mar-20 12:58:03

The prices look as though they’re designed to work with promo codes!

What does that mean? Toast price their stuff to reflect the quality, the materials are largely natural, they are made in smaller quantities and in countries with sound ethical production principles. You can choose to believe that's worth it or not, or can afford it or not, but they definitely don't price high with a view to selling with a discount - such as Boden or Gap do constantly.

In short, Toast very rarely do codes, or get involved with black friday or the like, but their sales are fantastic. Sign up to their newsletter for advance warning.

teaandcake246 Wed 04-Mar-20 13:07:28

Taking all those factors into account, I still think some items are overpriced (e.g. £145 for a plain linen throw, which is what I’m wanting to buy).

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MaudesMum Wed 04-Mar-20 13:31:02

Not only are their sales brilliant, but they also have a great outlet shop in Shepton Mallet, which is well worth detouring to if you're anywhere near the West Country!

teaandcake246 Wed 04-Mar-20 13:46:38

Thank you - good to know! smile

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