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Satchel / messenger bag / leather rucksack? For dd's 18th

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Sadik Wed 04-Mar-20 09:53:02

She'll be finishing 6th form soon, so I figured some kind of smarter bag that would take her phone / laptop would be a nice present. Budget up to around £150. She's has an androgynous / alternative kind of style - oversize denim jacket, quiff, patterned DMs. I suspect recycled leather / canvas / something like that would appeal - she's not vegan but very eco minded.

(If anyone's also seen a funky silver/pewter brooch/pin point me towards that too - saw a squid one that would have been perfect for her in a closed shop when I was away but totally failed to find it again during opening hours.)

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DrMaryMalone Wed 04-Mar-20 10:21:12

Have a look at a a brand called Scaramanga for bags. They used ethically sourced leather but also do canvas bags too, some in vintage almost distressed styles.

Sadik Wed 04-Mar-20 14:13:16

They look gorgeous, thank you MaryMalone smile

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Sadik Wed 04-Mar-20 14:14:58

She's not planning on uni right now but I reckon this set might be a lovely gift anyways.

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DrMaryMalone Wed 04-Mar-20 15:07:10

No problem. Their office is near my work and I occasionally see model types getting photos done with gorgeous bags outside! I'm coveting a satchel and dropping hints to my OH for my birthday this year.

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