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Functional but stylish workwear

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mylovelypinkchair Tue 03-Mar-20 18:23:11

HELP please stylish people - I'm in a workwear rut.

I'm looking for clothes that are (a) warm and (b) that can look elegant even with flat shoes as I do a lot of walking.

I don't like bare ankles when it's cold so tapered trousers and brogues aren't working so well. Dresses don't seem to look right with flat shoes - perhaps I'm looking at the wrong dresses?!

I'd appreciate any help smile

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Thinkle Thu 05-Mar-20 06:27:33

i have a pair of black patent DM shoes that I wear for work (professional). I pair them with plain dresses or shoes that sit above the knee And opaque tights. Depending on the outfit I will wear an oversized or boxy cut blazer if needed.
The dresses themselves need to be simple and not too fitted for this to work (on me at least) and I get them from places like Oliver Bonas, Uniqlo, sometimes Hush.

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