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What would you spend a £15 Joules voucher on?

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Serendopety Tue 03-Mar-20 15:36:48

I've recently been given a voucher for Joules, I'm not really a Joules person but don't hate it as much as some do on here. I've recently had new wellies and slippers and am trying to avoid spending it on socks. Any suggestions?

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Bella2020 Tue 03-Mar-20 15:44:08

They do some nice floaty scarves. The longer ones are great for tying up in all different styles.

Inspiralcarpetry Tue 03-Mar-20 17:56:42

I'd add it to the current 25% off promo and buy a jersey blazer. They are lovely and versatile.

Avocadohips Tue 03-Mar-20 17:59:26

But their socks are great! Or stationery. Or base layer. Or PJs.

XingMing Tue 03-Mar-20 19:59:30

I can't help as I walk past their windows with my eyes averted (at nearly 64). Socks would be the safest bet. And always useful. My mum quite likes their stuff, but she's 85.

Ninkanink Tue 03-Mar-20 20:13:15

Reusable make up pads, make up bag, pillow mist, hand and body cream, or some bath salts.

Or something for the home. Dustpan and brush, egg basket, butter dish, peg basket or candle pins.

MrOnionsBumperRoller Tue 03-Mar-20 21:08:09

A new dog bed.

Runningonempty84 Tue 03-Mar-20 21:35:00

Give it to your mum or an elderly aunt instead?

dontgobaconmyheart Wed 04-Mar-20 02:10:26

Probably I'd just give it away or buy something generic for a gift - new baby gift or socks, hand cream- something I could pass on as a gift for someone else that they might appreciate. £15 doesn't exactly go very far on an adults clothing item with Joules and it's not somewhere I like the style of so I wouldn't want to incur a cost to be honest.

Tulipstulips Wed 04-Mar-20 08:56:14

Something for my DS. They have nice kids’ clothes.

LilyJade Wed 04-Mar-20 16:55:31

Wellies. I wore mine on an icy day & they were slip proof.

MardyGrass Wed 04-Mar-20 19:34:19

Put it toward a Tillyanna bag

Ofitck Wed 04-Mar-20 19:42:50

I like their harbour tops - nice thick Bretons. Also their socks, boys clothes (not a fan of their girls stuff) and menswear. Dh loves the boxers! Also the shorter wellies are quite good.

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