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Wedding guest dress

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flyjngfish Mon 02-Mar-20 23:26:54

Hi! I'm going to a wedding abroad (30 degree heat) and need advice on a dress!
I've got these three..
The green one I think doesn't fit as well as the rest..

Also I'm worried about wearing white (floral) as I don't want to upset the bride but it's my favourite..

Then other one is it too evening?!

Size 8-10 and 5ft 8 smile help meee!

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defineme Mon 02-Mar-20 23:30:18

Go with your favourite- definitely the most appropriate- accessories in a bright colour would defuse the whiteness

Icantreachthepretzels Mon 02-Mar-20 23:32:42

I think the black one is fine, the green one doesn't seem dressy enough to me and white is best avoided (it's clearly not a wedding dress but you never know how touchy the bride will be smile )

CrazylazyJane Mon 02-Mar-20 23:33:09

I think the green looks lovely for a wedding

Icantreachthepretzels Mon 02-Mar-20 23:36:48

The green one is dressier now I've blown it up - it's a shinier material than I first thought and everyone knows shiny = dressy... but I still prefer the black one.

BackforGood Mon 02-Mar-20 23:40:20

I wouldn't have any concerns about the one with the white background being considered 'white' - it is clearly a patterned dress even though I don't particularly like the style, myself

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