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Can’t get myself out of comfy clothes

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Tellingitlikeitisnt Mon 02-Mar-20 22:47:43

I have fallen into wearing mainly joggers and sweatshirts on the days when I don’t work and I am just doing housework or walking the dog. Been like this for a few years.

And now I just can’t seem to abide ‘normal’ clothes- I find them so tight and restrictive.
If I change into my old skinny jeans I feel so weird and uncomfortable.

I’ve bought the jogger style trousers from Zara and can make them look a bit smarter but nothing like I used to consider Daytime wear really.

It’s elastic waists only and nothing vaguely fitted.

I am self conscious of my belly as I get quite bloated and I’m an apple shape anyway but it’s definitely not just that- it’s the realisation that loose soft sweatshirt fabric is so freeing to wear and I just can’t see why I wouldn’t want to be in all the time! (Except I realise I look rubbish even when I wear the posher versions).


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Lucked Mon 02-Mar-20 23:22:29

Someone may come along with better advise but I think you have to bin/donate them. If you don’t have them you can’t wear them.

It is worth exploring other styles of clothes other than skinny jeans. Other styles and fabrics of trousers, jumpsuits, jersey dresses worn with comfortable good quality tights. How would you like to dress?

Tellingitlikeitisnt Mon 02-Mar-20 23:32:28

Bin them?! And walk the dog or do my housework wearing what?

I don’t mind wearing them for pottering about it’s more that they are so comfy that when I wear my normal clothes they now feel restrictive

Is this also an age thing? I see my mum moves more and more to floaty gentle numbers when she used to be a pencil skirt kind of woman.

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TheSmallAssassin Mon 02-Mar-20 23:35:45

Life's too short to wear uncomfortable clothes (and especially jumpsuits, is there anything more awkward to wear?)

Snorkelface Mon 02-Mar-20 23:42:31

My natural resting state is an oversized hoodie and a pair of jog bottoms or very worn out jeans. I spend too much time dressed like this and also struggle to do more than throw a decent looking jumper on if I have to look a bit more together. Tight clothes make me want to scream. Every now and then I force myself to spend an afternoon trying on tons of stuff I wouldn't usually pick or can't think when I'll wear. It's the only way I can remind myself that there are other clothes (and things I do actually look nice in). The choices tend to get less baggy as the afternoon goes by.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 02-Mar-20 23:44:53

So the problem isn't the comfy clothes, it's the uncomfy ones, you want something that feels like a sweatshirt that's smart enough for work and going out?

PP mentioned jersey dresses - they can be comfortable, as easy to wear as a t-shirt. Tunic type tops maybe?

Alsohuman Mon 02-Mar-20 23:48:34

It’s an age thing. I used to be appalled at the very idea of wearing an elastic waist, now I’m appalled at the idea of wearing anything else. I’ve just given into it. I stick a dress and leather jacket over them when I want to look a bit smarter.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Tue 03-Mar-20 14:54:12

I've discovered next relaxed skinnies as an alternative to skinny jeans which make me feel like a stuffed sausage. I've a couple of nice jumpers ( a grey sweater with a tiny silver speck and a cashmere hoodie) that make them look a little more dressed but they are still really comfy.

BusterGonad Tue 03-Mar-20 16:12:47

I feel a bit like you at the moment op, my favourite clothes at the moment are H&M viscose tshirt dresses. They are so comfy but I fear I look a, bit large in them. I've recently invested in some cotton dresses that are similar but one has a rope belt so gives me a shape and the other I team with a leather belt. I actually love my jeans but they are old and quite elastic so feel like leggings.

Yummymummy2020 Tue 03-Mar-20 16:13:52

I could have written this post myself op you are not alone!!!!

ILikeyourHairyHands Tue 03-Mar-20 16:29:46

I'm wearing a leather skirt and a cashmere jumper at the moment and feel very comfortable and unrestricted. If your clothes are a good fit they shouldn't be uncomfortable. Do you maybe need to size up in your other clothes?

Moonlite Tue 03-Mar-20 16:31:54

Comfie clothes are life grin a good substitute for joggers could be leggings

DisgruntledGuineaPig Tue 03-Mar-20 17:07:25

OK, you don't need special, scruffy clothes for walking the dog or doing housework. You might just need slightly smarter, but still comfy everyday clothes.

I'd try the jersey dresses with comfy tights or leggings, put with trainers or flat comfy boots for walking the dog.

'Mum' jeans that aren't tight are comfy, but a bit smarter than trackies.

I find 'paperbag' style trousers very comfy, but with a thin jumer tucked in look smart.

We're going into spring and there's lots of midi length loose fitting dresses about. Wear with leggings underneath and boots for now, put with trainers when it gets warmer.

Tell yourself you don't have to be scruffy to walk the dog/do the housework, you just have to be comfy in something it's easy to wash if it get messy.

DisgruntledGuineaPig Tue 03-Mar-20 17:08:20

oh and yes, if your clothes are very uncomfortable, definately size up.

WhataCant Tue 03-Mar-20 17:58:59

If you want comfy trousers with an elastic waist, but not made out of jersey fabric, try Lucy and Yak. Also Matalan have a style of Falmer jeans with a shorted waist which look very comfy.

malvinna Tue 03-Mar-20 18:21:21

I can't call zara stylish clothes

JhustJenny Tue 03-Mar-20 18:25:15

Oh Christ I live in walking gear, jersey swing dresses at work or for out 🤷‍♀️ Wear what you’re comfortable in

Ninkanink Tue 03-Mar-20 20:35:26

Just upgrade your comfortable clothes. Cashmere joggers with a cashmere jumper and a good pair of trainers or flat mules and an excellent handbag would look very chic if you wanted to feel more dressed up, for example.

Or wear jeggings rather than jeans - much more comfortable on the stomach.

Dresses are very comfortable- you don’t have anything digging into your stomach on your bloaty days.

Divebar Tue 03-Mar-20 20:42:56

Check out some looser style of clothes.... I’m not sure what your price point is but Monki, Weekday, Cos all do oversized shirt and jersey dresses, elastic waist wide leg trousers etc that look good with trainers or flat shoes.

onwheels Wed 04-Mar-20 12:27:45

same! i feel like a slob but its very comfortable.

ive put on 1 stone 2 pounds and dont have £££ to buy new jeans and i struggle with jeans as i have very big waist 34 inches where my natural waist line is and then the bottom and thighs in jeans are baggy AF.

i feel that i get treated differently when dressed in jogging bottoms. i have very wild grey hair and prominent yellow brown eye bags, so this may be contributing.

i hate dresses too!

nothing to advise but you're not alone

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