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12V or USB portable hairdryer and straighteners for festival?

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JeffLinton Mon 02-Mar-20 21:36:16

Can anyone recommend portable or 12V hair straighteners and a hairdryer please?

I'll be in a campervan and off grid for 3 days and don't want to frighten the kids in the morning 😬

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ferretface Mon 02-Mar-20 22:08:23

Ooh be careful, most travel hairdryers would trip a camper van's electrics, we hire ours out through quirky campers and we tell people they mustn't use hairdryers in our van unless they are on hookup which I guess you won't be at a festival. And I don't think 12v ones will have enough power to actually dry your hair. How about air drying and then using gas powered straighteners?

JeffLinton Tue 03-Mar-20 08:20:12

Thanks. I've tried gas ones previously and they weren't very good.
My hair would take hours to air dry, it's very thick!
No, I won't be on hookup, but do.have a solar panel.

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ferretface Tue 03-Mar-20 09:11:51

What's the inverter wattage and do you have a 240v circuit or 12v only?

The problem with 12v hairdryers is that they just aren't powerful enough. A 12v air pump might actually provide better effects because it's not trying to heat the air, just blow it. On that basis I'd look for models which don't claim to provide much heat but do have a powerful fan.

I've got long hair and I tend to plait it so it dries wavy when we're away in the van. Depends on your hair type though!

chipsandgin Tue 03-Mar-20 09:16:10

Wish I could learn to plait in a way that doesn’t make me look like a slightly deranged goat herder!! A bit off piste but I’ve bought a couple of wigs for festivals this year; thought it might solve the evening problem by day 2/3. Also I find that a salon blow dry on the day we set off and tons if dry shampoo makes my hair less crazy/look more normal for longer. Watching with interest though (camping however so no electric at all..).

JeffLinton Tue 03-Mar-20 13:10:00

@ferretface The inverter is max 700 watt capable, and, yes, it has a 240 V circuit.

@chipsandgin My hair is too short to plait and I would look like a witch with long hair 😉

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ferretface Tue 03-Mar-20 13:19:56

So I think the inverter couldn't handle a travel hairdryer, but you could charge the cordless hairdryers and straighteners that use lithium batteries using the 240v circuit. There seem to be some cordless hairdryers on Amazon with better reviews than 12v hairdryers so that's probably the route I would take smile

JeffLinton Tue 03-Mar-20 22:19:34

Thanks @ferretface. Yes, I think USB is the way to go.

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