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Any had good Botox after bad?

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MsMeNz Mon 02-Mar-20 14:00:23

Just that really, twice I have tried Botox now a year In-between with different people both experienced cosmetic nurses and both times my brows dropped horribly. I loved the no wrinkles but I pictures from that time I look terrifying!

I really want to battle the wrinkles with maybe a once/twice a year Botox but I'm really nervous to try again.

Has anyone after getting bad Botox gone on to get it right somewhere else or is there something about my physicality that means they are always going to drop? Thanks!

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Strongmummy Mon 02-Mar-20 14:01:20

Go to a cosmetic doctor , not a nurse

shadyzadie Mon 02-Mar-20 16:03:42

If your brow 'drops' then you're probably someone who naturally raises their eyebrows a lot. So a full Botox dosage stops you doing that and makes your brow look heavier, eyes more tired etc. You need baby Botox - a much smaller dosage - in the forehead. You'll still have movement so it won't completely erase lines, but it will ideally find a happy medium between softening lines whilst still allowing you movement. Ask your practitioner for a small dosage with a view to topping up if needed.

MsMeNz Mon 02-Mar-20 17:15:52

Yes I do have expressive eyebrows.! If this is the case in a decade or two I'll prob go for a brow lift. But in the mean time I'll book in with actual Dr and mention baby Botox which I haven't heard of before. I certainly don't mind sacrificing some minor wrinkles showing to avoid the angry Troll look again! 😂🙄

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